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Private Detective : Where is he/she spending all the money?

Have you noticed a difference in your finances? Does it seem like your partner is spending more money lately, without letting you know where he or she spent it? Well, as negative as this may sound, this could be a sign of cheating! When a partner changes a pattern in their life with unclear reasons, they are probably hiding something from you. They might be using the money to treat someone else with things such as dinners and gifts. Look for these signs to determine if your mate may be cheating:detective

  • Going out more than usual.
  • Gives you short answers.
  • Charges on credit cards that are strange to you.
  • Receipts of items for the opposite sex that was not given to you.

There could be more reasons to explain this however. Not good reasons though. If your mate is spending a lot of money without telling you about it, he or she, besides cheating, could be buying drugs, alcohol, or perhaps even have a gambling problem you never knew about. It is essential that you pay attention to all behavioral changes in the way your partner acts and talks to you. Only then will you be able to maybe find out what is causing the changes. Sometimes we know much less about a person than we thought and it is important that you learn more so that you can help your relationship stay strong and to help your partner if he or she is in some sort of trouble. If they are cheating, then at least you will find out the truth and will then be able to decide what steps you will take after that. Remember, you deserve to know what goes on in your relationship. The relationship involves the both of you, so never feel scared or unsure about questioning your lover about anything. If he or she feels offended by your questions, then most likely they really are hiding something. If you feel that your mate may be cheating or hiding something and you need help with figuring out the signs, we can and want to Help you find out what or who is grabbing all the money!

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