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Net-Psychics - For Readings and Spells or interpretation of your dreams ask the psychics at Net-Psychics for help.

Pilgrims Mind Body Spirit Superstore, for books, audios, incense, tarot decks, healing crystals, etc., plus news, reviews, Discussion Group and New Age link directory is at http://www.pilgrimsmindbodyspirit.co.uk

theFutureMinders.com - Free Daily Horoscope, Weekly Horoscope, Astrology Charts and Free Astrological Compatibility Reports and much more!

Psychic- Find out about the future, the past or you soul mate.

MoonWhisper Spirit Center - Free and low cost psychic readings via chat , email or phone by top rated five star advisors.

Collection of the best Psychics on the web and available 24hrs a day!

Divine Love Light - Professional psychic readings, spell-casting services for healing, protection, love, luck; more, spiritual gifts, free inspirational articles; much more. Whatever your spell needs, we can assist you.

MoonWhisper Spirit Center - Free and low cost psychic readings via chat, phone or email by top rated psychic advisors. New Age products and supplies offered in our shops also.

Ethical Psychic and Tarot Readings - Psychic and tarot readings by an ethical online reader. Don't trust psychics and divination readers who just give you a reading you want to hear.

Online Psychics; Divination Readers - Emphasizing Ethics - Psychics and tarot readers offering online psychic readings and more. Site emphasizes ethics.

Authentic Online Readers Psychic Network - Information and guidance using palmistry, numerology, tarot and astrology. Articles on spiritual issues and personal growth, plus free horoscope, psychic events calendar and more..

AstrologyMatch.com - Pamela Fottrell, Professional Astrologer AFA, ASC since 1980:
Certified in Hypnosis - Complete and Accurate Astrology Charts, Relationship
Charts, Compatibility and Love Match Astrological Reports, All services are done personally
for you by Pam with love and care!

Global Psychics - Extraordinary Answers and Insights on Love, Life and the Paranormal. The web's most extensive metaphysics resource center, and some of the world's best psychic readings.

PSYCHICS; MEDIUMS NETWORK - The place where mediums and psychics meet to chat and train. Home pages of the UK mediums Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker. The site has a massive paranormal resource with lots of real life stories and one of the busiest free Psychic Chatrooms on the web.

Free Spirit Centre - The Free Spirit Centre is a community web based centre dedicated to personal; soul growth, eating disorders, healing, and human issues where like-minded free spirits connect from around the world.

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