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Most Common Relationship Conflicts

The following list contains the most common conflicts that couples have. So if you feel alone in the world of conflicts, think again- because the conflicts you are having with your lover are probably common ones that can be resolved with the right methods.

  1. Jealousy problem relationship
  2. Mixed Messages
  3. Lack of Direct Communication
  4. Unresolved Misunderstandings
  5. Stubbornness with accepting each other's differences
  6. Attempts to control the other
  7. Walking away from arguments
  8. Trying to change each other
  9. Financial Disagreements
  10. Views on Commitment and Marriage
  11. No Trust

Is your Relationship Suffering from any of the listed Conflicts?

Your relationship does not have to continue unsatisfactorily. Our relationship experts offer you reasonable, detailed and effective advice that will guide you into finding the methods and solutions that will not only improve your conflicting situations, but will also help you build a stronger, more open, understanding and more loving relationship with your partner, so that you do not have to trap yourself in the same conflicting patterns.

For Relationship Advice ask on of our experts.


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