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Are you ready for starting a Relationship?  

Being ready to start a Relationship is very important if you want a relationship to succeed.

In order to be one with someone, you need to be whole on your own. Read the following short check off list and see whether or not you have what it takes to have and keep a healthy relationship.

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When you look at yourself in a mirror, all you see is the outside, but who is that person looking back at you?relationship

How could another person understand you, if you do not even know yourself? What do you have to offer? Nothing if you lack the knowledge and information of who you are! This is why going through a self-check is important. Get to know yourself first by knowing what you like and dislike, what your goals in life are and what makes you feel great about YOU.

Getting in touch with your fears will also guide you into more self-realization and love.

First figure what your fears are. Are you afraid of getting involved with someone seriously, in fear of getting dumped in the long run? Or has a past relationship damaged your image of love; due to the pain it caused you? These are all understandable fears and almost everyone has them, but you should not let these fears stop you from moving on or being happy. You need to rebuild confidence in yourself and others. Other examples would be fear of not being good enough and fear of missing out on other adventures. Whatever your fear may be, you must trap that fear, find out the causes and then work on a solution on how to conquer them.

Being sexually confident will help your relationship stay happy and exciting.

The next time you look into your mirror, take a good look at yourself and make mental notes of what you do and do not like about your physical appearance. By acknowledging this, you will be able to work on the areas that make you feel uncomfortable and unattractive about yourself so that you will not feel that way when you get involved with someone. You will feel free to act and move whichever way you desire to in the bedroom, without fearing that your partner will judge you. The two of you should experience lovemaking as an exciting, emotional and entwining experience, not a body judging session.

Having your own independent and personal life organized first is key to maintaining healthy, loving and stable relationships. It will leave your mind and heart open to learning about your partner instead of trying to figure yourself out at the same time, which can cause resentment and doubt down the road.

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