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Is your relationship in Trouble?

relationship problemSometimes we can pick up on the signs that our relationship is in danger, and at other times, we cannot. In fact, a relationship can dig itself so far deep into a hole, that we do not realize it until it has itself hanging by it’s very last thread. This is why it is important to detect the signs of a relationship in danger. If you are not sure what to look for, here are some questions you should start asking yourself and start observing your relationship with these questions:

  • Are you suffering from low self-esteem due to what takes place between you and your partner?
  • Do you find yourself lying to your partner or often have the feeling that he/she is lying to you?
  • Do you feel more sad or angry than happy in your relationship?
  • Are you frequently discussing and complaining about your relationship to others?
  • Is it difficult to express your feelings and talk to your partner about your thoughts and concerns?
  • Is your trust for your partner fading or has already completely faded?

If you answered “Yes” to most or all of these questions, your relationship is in need of repair. Although every relationship cannot be saved, it is always a great possibility get back on track and stir up the passion again, with the proper effort and care.

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