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Create a Romantic Date

Create a Romantic Date at Love-Sessions

A romantic date is a date you should plan when you wish to impress your date with your romantic creativity. It is always best to plan a romantic date when you are sure that you have truly taken a liking to the person or perhaps even fell in love!

In a romantic date, if planning to go out, you should pick up your date. It is always nice to arrive with a little something to give him or her. Here are some suggestions:

Ideas for Her: romantic date
Box of chocolates
Stuffed animal
Have a gift basket delivered early in the day before your date
Bottle of wine or champagne

For Him:
Chocolate cigar
Bottle of wine or champagne
A small wrapped gift (example: a cap of his favorite sport team)

Places to go…

Dinner. Find a dim and intimate restaurant in your area or an area of your choice. Make sure it has a romantic atmosphere and try your best to reserve a table that is more private so the two of you can share a delicious dinner with romantic conversation, without too many people around. If you want to cook an impressive meal for your date at home and need help on what meal to arrange, then check out our Romantic Recipes page for fabulous ideas!

Picnic. Picnics can be very romantic. It all has to do with the surrounding area though. Find a beautiful spot in a park, beach or anywhere that represents romance to you. Arrange a tasteful meal in a picnic basket, accompanied with wine and sweets.

Music & Dancing. Either find a place that plays a good selection of romantic music the two of you can slow dance to, or set it up at home. Create a romantic scene and find some CD’s with the best love songs that you share dances and kisses to! You may also include a dinner or movie to this plan. See our Best Date Movies page for ideas on which movie to rent.

Moonlight Walks/Sailing. Take a walk on a clear night, under the moonlight. This truly brings the magic in! You can take this walk after having a dinner, after going for ice cream, or anything you planned before. You may also consider going for an evening sail or boat cruise for even more magic!

Bubble Bath & Massage. This is for people who have been on several dates who have reached a more intimate point. Bubbles baths are relaxing, sexy and soothing. Find a bubble bath product that has a lovely scent to it. Afterwards, pamper your date with an irresistible and unforgettable massage. Your date may even return the favor! Be sure to find the most relaxing oil. Also, play some smooth jazz or love songs while giving and receiving your massage.

Note! Decorate candles around your bubble bath area for an even more romantic touch!

Beach Drive. Take your date for a drive along the coast. Enjoy the beautiful scenery while talking, and make stops to enjoy some viewpoints. You can also park your car and take a walk on the pier and have something to drink. Take pictures too, to remember this happy, romantic day!

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