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Romantic Ideas

We are all aware of what goes on behind our closed bedroom doors, but what we all want to know is: How do we spice it up for some more romance and excitement?

Candlelight Petals

When planning the next romantic evening for you and your lover, make candles and petals are part of it! Set up a true romantic scene by decorating the bedroom with a lot of candles for an intimate touch.

Then take the petals from sweet smelling flowers and arrange them all over the carpet and perhaps even a few on the bed, for a relaxing and passionate atmosphere. Your lover will be very impressed and feel a lot of desire for you! You might also want to have some nice music playing in that lovely candlelit room! By doing something difference such as this, your lover will be impressed, appreciative and have the feeling of being somewhere else a turn on!

Bubbles & Sweets on the Balcony

Want to impress your lover? Cover your balcony floor with a big blanket and place a little table somewhere. Place a bottle of champagne on the table and arrange candles half way around the bottle. Set some pillows on the floor as well, with a plate of sweets in the middle of the floor. Invite your lover over and take him or her out to the balcony. They will be in awe and the two of you can then feed each other sweets and enjoy the bubbles from the champagne for a bubbly and toasty evening and can definitely lead to some romance and action in the bedroom!

Ideas of what sweets to arrange:

Fruit Passion a la mode

Arrange the sweetest and most fresh fruit in two separate bowls and it off with a delicious scoop of ice cream! Vanilla is best, but you can be creative and try a variety of flavors.

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Intimate Sundae. Fix up a mouth-watering sundae with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge and nut sprinkles! Arrange it a bowl or ice cream glass big enough to share with your lover or date.

Do not forget to get the Champagne to sip on afterwards!

Milk Honey Bath w/Strawberries.

This is a very romantic thing to plan. Your lover will very happy to share a naked and intimate bath with you! Make plans where the two of you can spend an evening alone without any interruptions.

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