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Learn how to Seduce

We all wish to be objects of desire, someone in which no one can resist. So, what makes great seduction? The list below will help you get started in becoming the seductive creature you always wanted to be!


Dress the Part. If you want to seduce someone, you must dress seductively. Dressing in a seductive manner does not mean being sleazy however. It means being sexy and mysterious. A great example would a woman wearing a short and sassy suit. Her legs are showing wonderfully in that short suit skirt, but it leaves the mystery everywhere else. If you decide to show your legs off, try not to show too much cleavage. If you want to show your cleavage off, then remember not to show too much leg. High-heeled boots and shoes are also very sexy and seductive. It is easier for men. Men should just dress charmingly and be well groomed. Wearing slacks and a nice shirt always works.

Scent Marking. Leave your mark with a sweet smelling scent. Wear a perfume or cologne that will be sure to make an unforgettable impression when you walk by the person you want to seduce. People are very much in touch with their sense of smell and therefore will probably follow your trail if you smell great!

Hypnotic Power. Use your hypnotic power to get the attention of the person you want. Your hypnotic power is located in your eyes. You can use it by giving them a mysterious look that introduces who you are, without having to speak. Getting caught staring at him or her while giving your hypnotic look is a wonderful way to seduce someone, because it is an invitation for him or her to approach and introduce themselves.

Mysterious Confidence. There is nothing sexier and seductive than a person who is confident and mysterious about it. Keep in mind to carry yourself with sureness and direction. Give a little acknowledgement that you know he or she exists by catching them staring at you. Then smile and continue on with whatever it is you are doing. This will make you mysterious and confident in yourself. When you are a mystery and have clear direction in your life, people are sure to follow.

Speaking the Language. Knowing how to speak the language of seduction is one of the biggest keys to accomplishing your seducing plan. Though the language involves speaking, a lot of it is based on the non-verbal. Most of is based on the silent words that speak through your body, known as body language. While performing your act of flirtation, it is important to match your body language with it. Be playful by slightly touching him or her in a playful way, such as a light shove and laughing. Or if the two of you are speaking on a more serious note, then use your eyes as head speaker (your hypnotic power). Give him or her an intense stare as you talk, that lets them know that you are desirable and worth getting to know better. Pay attention to how they respond too. If he or she seems uncomfortable with your words or playful ways, then tone it down.

Being seductive does not always take place when you are trying to get the person you have your eyes on. You can keep your seductive character even after getting in a relationship. It is actually the most important time to bring out your seductive side because it will help the relationship remain hot, spicy and sexy. You will always keep your partner wanting more! So keep dressing the part, leaving your mark, talking the talk, acting the act and being yourself.

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