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Sexual Intimacy is an experience that blows us all away at first. As a relationship proceeds however, the passionate fire tends to fade and burn out. If you learn to adapt to the new stages in your relationships, you can keep your passion fire burning and experience a sexual greatness you never thought you could accomplish!


The reason sex becomes less mysterious is because it eventually enters a new stage of comfort and familiarity. You and your partner have been together for a certain amount of time and have had the opportunity to explore each other's bodies over and over again. Not only that, but the two of you continue to follow the same sexual routines, because you already know what certain things satisfies the two of you and therefore you feel safe and fear from trying anything new.


Do not, nevertheless, let new stages scare or have you give up on having a hot and passionate sex life with your lover. In fact, finding that comfort and familiarity in your relationship will help open the doors to new discoveries and experiences. Entering the comfort and familiar stage is wonderful for the reason that it makes you feel. . .well. . comfortable! You have been with your partner long enough to feel safe and comfortable, which means your relationship is open enough to explore new areas and try new things, using the things you already know about each other's sexuality and desires. Using familiarity to your relationship's advantage will only bring you new and exciting results.


If you feel like trying something new or wish to explore new areas in the bedroom, you can either talk to your partner about it or take a chance and just try it the next time you are intimate! Talking about sex with your partner does mean that there is trouble in paradise. Many couples fear that if they bring up the sex, it will send out the message that their partner is not good enough and will therefore upset their lover and start a fight. Just be honest about it, combining it with good timing and the right choice of words, of course. Simply tell him or her that you feel close to them and wish to take your intimacy to the next level of new discoveries and even more closeness.


Together, you and your partner can come up with new ideas and suggestions of how you can turn the bedroom into a new destination, taking you to mysterious and sexy places. If you are thinking about throwing in some new ideas without discussing it with your partner the next time you perform sexual activity, it would be advisable to look over your ideas first. If your new ideas seem too unfamiliar and out of character of your usual routine, then perhaps it would be best to talk to you lover about it first. You do not want to scare or shock your partner with something so unexpected and unknown. It could be something they do not believe belongs in sexual activity, or simply makes them too uncomfortable.


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