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Should I have a Summer Fling?  

The season of Summer always carries a type of butterflies-in- your- stomach type of magic . It must be the warm temperatures, bright sun and sweet sea breezes that makes us all more eager and excited to get out there and become more social and flirtatious. Because summer time is a more socially active season, flings are also more common, which is how the term “Summer Fling” came about. People have flings all year around, but they tend to be on the rise around the summer months. A fling is a fun short lived romance with no strings attached that usually ends when the summer is over and you go summer flingback to your usual year-around routines.

Should you have a summer fling or should you steer clear?
Well, it all depends on what type of personality you have. If you are the type who can easily get emotionally attached to someone after having a romance with them for some time, then perhaps it would be best to steer clear. This is not to say that summer flings cannot blossom into a real relationship, but on most occasions, they do not and it is important that you acknowledge that high possibility. Hot, steamy and fun summer night is something you can quickly get attached and used to you and before you know it, you catch yourself fantasizing about the two of you permanently together and building a life.
If however, you are the type that is okay with a fun romantic fling knowing that it could end after a months, then go for it! There are different types of relationships that we have with different people and not every relationship is meant to be long lasting or lead to marriage or commitment.

A short lived romance can be good for you. It gives you the excitement you are looking for without the all the complications and compromises that a serious relationships requires and carries.  Sometimes, we just want to romantically connect with someone to fulfill our fantasies and then part ways once that fantasy chapter comes to a close. There is nothing wrong with this as long as both people involved understand the arrangement and no one gives the other mixed signals. If you start to notice your summer lover getting more and more attached to you, then perhaps it would be a good idea to end the fling at that point as politely as possible- to avoid future drama and heartbreak that is preventable.
When both people involved are okay with the terms, a summer fling can be very refreshing and become a sweet memory you look back on one day.  

Written by Alina van Jenni






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