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Surviving an Affair

The signs, the Reasons & Healing

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It is the subject you hear about all the time, but never believe it could happen to you until it does. Affairs have become more and more common and even though it is well known, most people have a difficult time understanding the reasons they take place. Read the information below to better understand the signs and reasons behind an affair and how you can survive it and start healing.

The Instinct. Most of the time, especially in women, an affair is already suspected before the discovery. You probably already know about it, but choose not to acknowledge it. The best thing to do if you ever have that gut feeling is to put the feeling to the test. Do your research and find out whether or not your feeling carries truth with it, or if you are just insecure and paranoid.

The Signs. Though some affairs can be more challenging to discover than others, there are some signs you can look out for that will guide you to finding out the truth. One would be nervousness. If your partner seems nervous lately by giving you short answers, rushing to the telephone when it rings or being very secretive and protective when checking his or her E-mail, it could very well mean that he or she is hiding something from you. Weird phone calls could be another thing not to over look. If you receive more and more phone calls that result in you being hung up on every time, it could be the person your partner is having an affair with. It is best to find out where those calls are coming from. Running into your partner during the day with someone of the opposite sex that you are not familiar with is something to take note on, especially if they seems blushful and nervous about seeing you. Smelling an unfamiliar perfume or cologne on him or her could be a sign, but not always a reliable one. You should check in on your instincts for that one. These are just a few signs to look out for if you suspect your lover. However, our experts specialize in helping you find out whether you are being cheated on or not. Our E-Sessions are sure to be of great help and your issue will always remain confidential between you and your relationship expert and your Session will be sent to you within 24 hours. Click here for immediate advice.

After Finding Out. Once you have discovered the truth you will enter the first stage, which is taking yourself on an emotional ride. The first emotion will be shock because no matter how much you hear about these things, you never thought it was possible to take place in your relationship. By being shocked, you numb yourself from feeling anything at the time, for it is sure to be painful. Once the shock has worn off though, you will be filled with another emotion, which is anger. You will feel angry because you have been lied to, disrespected and betrayed. Quickly after the anger you will shift into sadness because you will feel that you are responsible for this happening and your self-esteem will drop all the way down. All of these emotions will combine and leave you feeling hopeless and lost, not knowing what do and where to start and a lot of fears will form.

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