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You are too busy doing what?

How Technology made us Rude and Lazy

E-mails, text messages, voicemails- you name it, we’ve got it. Technology has created many creative and wonderful ways for us to keep in touch with each other, as well as make our lives easier at the same time. With busyour busy schedules, it is not always easy to keep in touch with friends and family the way we would always like to. The days of sitting down and having a nice, long phone conversation seems like a memory of the past and is a rare thing to happen on a frequent basis these days. Not to worry though, because with E-mails and text messaging available, we are sure to keep in touch with people properly, right? Wrong! One might assume that the more options we have with communication, the better we would be at it, but studies and observances have shown this not to be the case. It seems like the more options we get and the easier ways of communication become, the ruder and lazier we get.

Everyone considers themselves important and expects others to see them the same way. If we do not get respectful and thoughtful acknowledgement from others, we feel hurt and upset and this is happening a lot these days. Text messages have replaced the “phone call” and even then people do not always keep up with text messages very well either. We have gotten used to receiving e-mails and text messages without getting back to people in a timely manner, if at all. It seems like as long we are being kept in touch with, everything is fine, but what we often forget is that our lack of manners to acknowledge these messages leaves the sender feeling unappreciated, unacknowledged, hurt, upset and even worried. cell

In this world of heavy studying and long work hours, we all have a mutual understanding that there are not enough hours in the day, so no one is really expecting anyone to give them a long time of undivided attention.  That being said however, people do still expect to be appreciated and respected, especially by those they consider their friends.  With everyone just a click or push button away, would it really hurt to just quickly send an e-mail or text message back, letting someone know that their message has been received? It only takes a minute and will make everyone happy. Your friend will be happy and will not be left wondering and assuming the worst and you will feel better that you treated someone the way you want and expect to be treated.

Oh yes- and don’t forget to give your friends a phone call if you actually have the time.  Many people have expressed their annoyance and frustration when their friends and family choose to text them rather than actually talk to them voice to voice. Text messaging is something you should only do if you only have little time to send a message out, but should not be replacement of real communication. So while we enjoy the pleasures of advancing technology and use it to our benefit (as we should), let us remember not to throw our manners and consideration out the window.

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