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Cheating: When the Temptation to cheat comes along in a relationship.

Sometimes, no matter how wonderful of a relationship you are in, there will come a time when you will face a challenge- the temptation to cheat. If you start getting thoughts and fantasies of getting involved with another person, do not start feeling guilty or like you have failed at keeping your relationship perfect. The truth, no relationship will ever be perfect, and it is imperfections that keeps a relationship on it's toes, making you and partner continuously work as team in keeping your relationship open, happy and healthy.

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If the temptation to cheat has come across your path, here are some tips on how to deal with and what you can do to make the right decision:

Get in touch with your desires. Before you decide that cheating on your partner is a risk worth taking, take a quick pause and get back in touch with your desires. What is it you are looking for when these temptations come along? Or is it a temptation at all? Being in a relationship does not mean that your lust switch will turn off and you will become blind to the rest of the world. If all you are looking for is some fun by admiring other people's good looks, then go ahead and do so, but keep it at that. Keep in mind that whatever lust or infatuation you will have with people's looks, will quickly fade away and you will move on, so it would not be the best idea to risk losing a good relationship.

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Target the real issue. Research has shown that majority of the times, cheating takes place because the cheater feels there is something that they are not getting from their relationship, so they look for answers outside the relationship, believing that they can fulfill the emptiness from a quick fix of sexual pleasure. Look deep down inside yourself and ask yourself why you are actually considering a cheating experience. Is there something you are looking for that you are not quite getting from your relationship? If this is the case, then you need to face the reality and talk to your partner about it. There is no such thing as a quick fix or answers outside your relationship that will help you understand you or your relationship better. Communication is key.

Decide what is more important. What is more important to you? Working with your lover in improving your relationship, so it can be more loving and strong, or take a quick escape where you will feel farther away from your relationship then when you first started? Sure, the moments in which you are cheating might feel good sexually, but feeling good sexually is something you can achieve much better with your partner, because there will be real emotions, caring, understanding and love involved- which all create much better sex.

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Turn the situation around. A good way to help you make the right decision would be to turn the situation around. Imagine that instead of you, it is your partner with the temptation to cheat and goes through with it? How would that make you feel? You will be hurt, angry, and resentful and will have a very hard time trusting your partner again. Your relationship will take many steps back instead of growing and moving forward, all because your partner felt he/she could come to you with their feelings and thoughts. So before you go and make that mistake and lose your trust and close relationship, think about it and make a decision you know is the right one.


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