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Top 10 Dating Turn on 's

Use these for a successful date!

1. Light, Sexy perfume and cologne. To people, there is nothing better than a woman or a man who has an irresistible scent! Find a perfume that is sweet and sexy smelling, yet light and mysterious. date

2. Sense of Humor. People love it when others can laugh at their jokes and who can make them laugh as well.

3. Listening skills. Everyone loves to know that they are heard and given the proper attention. When your date is speaking, look at him or her and listen.

4. Attractive Apparel. You do not need to wear the most expensive designer clothing, but make sure you look neat and appropriate for the place you are going to. Be sexy, but do not over do it (example ladies: do not dress too sexy or you will come off as easy. Example men: You can impress her by wearing nice slacks, shirt and a jacket, but do not go overboard by wearing a tux!).

5. Smile. Have your date glued to your face and eyes with those pearly whites! Smiling draws people to you.

6. Proper Voice Volume. When talking to your date, talk in a nice, lower voice. You are talking to your date, not everyone else! Do not embarrass your date by talking loudly and being obnoxious.

7. Complimenting. Never fail to give your date a compliment, whether it be their outfit, eyes or smile. By complimenting them, you are letting them know that you have paid close attention to them and they will love it! Do not shower them with compliments however; you will be trying too hard and end up annoying them or making them uncomfortable.

turn on8. Flirting. By flirting with your date, you will make them feel sexy and attractive. This is exactly how you should make them feel. Do not flirt if you do not have an actual interest though, for you would be giving him or her high hopes for the future. Do not throw yourself all over them either. Just do a little light flirting and see if they respond. If you need personal advice, ask our experts here.

9. Intellect. It is very attractive when a date can start up a nice and intellectual conversation. Do not bore your date with trivial little topics. Watch the news before a date; you can bring something good up! Oh yes, and remember do not talk TOO much!

10. Cover the Bill. Always offer to pay the bill. When you do this, your date will feel that you truly enjoyed their company and that they are special as well. If your date insists on paying, at least offer to split the bill.


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