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Top 3 Turn Off’s:

The Top issues that could Turn your partner off.

1. Bad Breath: Keep it clean!

Our research has shown us that almost every person has defined bad breath as a big turn off! They feel uncomfortable and unpleasant to talk to someone with bad breath because it violates and comfort. So before you leave your house, be sure to brush your teeth well and take a pack of gum or mints along with you. You will feel fresh and make yourself a pleasant person to talk to! If you suffer from bad breath even if you brush well and chew on gum and mints, then visit your dentist for further information on your oral situation.

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2. Smoking: Consider quitting!

You have probably already heard how much of a turn off smoking is. Well, it is true! Many people find themselves feeling less attracted to those who smoke. This excludes those who smoke, however. Smoking makes people feel less fresh and not fully relaxed. So do not invade your date’s comfortable territory by blowing smoke in their face! Try not smoking for that time being, and better yet, try quitting altogether! Smoking is unhealthy, a bad habit and most people find it inconsiderate and rude! Find a method that best helps you to stop. For instance, you may consider chewing gum in replacement of a cigarette! Good Luck!

3. Tardiness: Don’t be Late!

There is nothing worse than having to wait for a date to show up. Tardiness expresses irresponsibility, and a lack of care and respect. Your date considered you and the date important enough to show up on time and expects the same from you. So start your date off successfully by making it on time. If you know or have a feeling you will be late, let your date know ahead of time (besides emergencies of course).


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