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Do We Really Want To Be Equal?

Do We Really Want To Be Equal?
Why total equality will never exist.

World peace and equality is something millions around the globe have claimed they hope and wish for, but is this really so? As humans, we have a kind and loving nature where a part of us really does want everybody to get along and equalhave no suffering and bitterness between each other. Just As much as we have a natural loving and giving side however, there is also another side we all have that is a bit darker. We are all a cocktail blend of both sweet and sour ingredients that make up our emotions and behaviors that we apply in life and towards others.  Our consciences, as well as society tell us that we need to humble ourselves and treat and see everyone equally, but for most of us, this is not what we really want. Does that mean that humans are really evil by nature? Definitely not, but it does mean that we are good natured creatures who can have demons that need to be fought and kept under control.

If this world were ever to actually reach the point of total equality, what would that mean? It would mean that there would be no more world poverty, everyone would share things equally and there would be no high, middle and low classes anymore. No one would ever have to worry about competing or having to prove themselves as better, because we all would be the best. There would be no more wars, because everyone would share the same views and happily follow the same blueprint of life with no arguing or conflicts. There would also be no more discrimination and racism.  While we all can agree that the idea of no more war, discrimination, racism and violence would be wonderful, there are other parts we might not all easily adapt to in the world equality scenario.  Though not easy for most to admit, we humans are competitive beings that strive to pass others in this race called life and reach the top. We all want to be admired for our accomplishments and need an audience to be there to give us the standing ovation we crave and feel we deserve. If we were all equal, who would be there to applaud us? Who would we compete with to prove we are more skilled in a certain field? Everyone wants to be in the spotlight to a certain extent- some more than others. It is a hunger (and sometimes greed) we all have. Ever hear about a friend or family member getting a promotion or getting that really impressive degree? While a part of you may have felt happy for them, there was most likely also a part of you that felt competitive- wanting to then do some great things yourself so you can also stand out.  It does not mean it is necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean the existence of inequality. In order for some of us to be more accomplished and at the very top, there needs to be some people in the middle and some towards the bottom. If things were equally spread, there would be a comfortable middle, but since we all tend to crave more once we reach a certain point, majority would eventually become restless at the middle point, moving on to discover new ways to move forward and grab more.

Look at celebrities and the uber rich for example. Many put their loving and giving nature to practice by donating money to organizations, as well as getting involved in good causes that contribute to helping others less fortunate than them. It is a very kind and noble thing to do that should be noticed and appreciated, since they are setting good examples. However, you will also notice that there is a very small percentage of them that actually choose to live a more humble and modest lifestyle, so that they can fit in with the majority. Most are still dressing themselves in top designer clothing, buying huge mansions in different parts of the world, going to eat in the finest dining spots, driving some of the most luxurious cars, traveling first class or in private jets and so on. Does this look like a real desire for world equality? I think not.

In factuality, once any of us gets a taste of something better, we feel good about standing out and crave more- never wanting to go back to a simpler and less lavish life, unless we have to.  So while our hearts do bleed for those we see starving and suffering, it does not necessarily mean we all want to be the same. After all, feeding the hungry and curing the sick is one thing- but if we all are extremely successful and live in a comfortable middle point- who will do all the things we ourselves are not easily willing to do? For example, when we go out to eat at our favorite restaurant- who is going to take our order? Who is going to serve the food? Who is going to keep the toilets clean in the bathrooms we use? Who is going to design and sew that outfit we will wear? Being equal would mean that we would all share these tasks. Fair perhaps, but not something any of us would easily agree or adapt to. Truth is, we work hard to survive in this harsh and unforgiving world and when we do accomplish certain goals and succeed at something, we want to feel and be rewarded for that. We want to be patted on the shoulder being told we did a great job. We want to be talked about by others, over how super and fabulous we are. We want to reward ourselves by buying that new dress or suit and then being served and treated.  We want credit for our work. Nothing any person does is without expectations or a price. We all expect something for our work and good deeds; it is never for free. Even helping the sick and dying is not something we simply do for others alone. You first do it for yourself because it makes “you” feel good and needed and purposeful.  Seeing the gratefulness in other’s eyes for what we do for them, is the price we subconsciously set. We expect others to be thankful for what we do for them and if they do not show any appreciation and or thankfulness, we feel hurt and upset, labeling them as ungrateful and rude.  

So we all want to feel needed and important and in order to be needed, there has to be people in need.

Admit it or don’t- but most of us wish for a cure to diseases, an end to hunger and violence and the right to be heard and happy, but not to be completely equal- especially when it comes to success.

This is nothing to feel guilty about either. It is our way of pushing ourselves beyond our limits, to see what we really are capable of doing.  As long as we remember to not get greedy and play dirty, there is nothing wrong with feeling good and being rewarded for things you have earned.

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