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Wedding Crashers

Any plan to become a wedding crasher?

Wedding Crashers, not the 2005 movie but the actual and literal meaning of the term means an un-invited guest at a wedding. Well most of the times weddings have multi faced guests whom you don't want to see. There are wedding crasherthese ex's like the old girl friend or a old crush from school. The man you slept with for the first time or the woman for whom you had danced naked on a bar table. Most of the times your mother-in-law and your father-in-law are too considered as uninvited guests. But these are not the ones being discussed in this article, we are talking about a stranger or alien element of your wedding.

Weddings are like a one time affair at least half the time. There is a lot of planning and also effort, which goes into a wedding. You first start with the church and finally end it with the caterer. But as life stands today you have wedding planners who will do everything on behalf of you to set the wedding right. But please don't depend on them for the kissing and the ring ceremony, because knowing them I don't think they would hesitate in saying no to these essential functions of a wedding. No wonder so many couples prefer a live in relationship to a wedding which has become a major turn in tale in so many of our lives.

My cousin too had a live in relationship for a long time, hmmmm if I am not wrong at least for 12 years. Finally I don't know what happened they decided to marry. He did not take my advice of avoiding watching Oprah with girlfriend. He probably did something which both wanted to do just like their failed base jump attempt. So I was too happy for him that he finally decided to do something so humongous and that too in accordance to some one else (his girlfriend's advice). But some how he was worried about wedding crashers more than any other bride groom I was best man for. Probably because for the fun of it we used to crash into weddings for all the free food and booze. I do remember he used to pick the flower bouquet from the dump of bouquets next to the wedding hall and give it to the married couple. Well I had to literally convince him using this idea saying, what's a wedding without a wedding crasher?

There are many ways to crash in to a wedding. Weddings are one place where you get to meet a lot of happy people, at least pretending to be happy types. So you need to be really happy to enter any uninvited wedding. Now a days to most of the post church dance parties have bouncers standing out checking for invitations. These are the high profile weddings which should be avoided for crashing. There are umpteen number of men and women who are marrying else where. The first basic rule of wedding crashing is to dress really well. If not a tux at least a formal outlook or a basic minimum casual dress does the trick most of time. Remember better you look more attention you attract, more attention naturally means more people wanting to come to you and ask you who are you and where are you from and how are you related? Also the second most important thing for a wedding crasher is the timing. Arriving later makes you one among themselves since they will be already down many drinks and also would have shred their formal inhibitions with a lot of dancing. So you can gel with the ambiance like ice cream and cream and be one among them. The third most important rule is not to be nasty while crashing a wedding. Its not a sin to go bless the newly wed, but it's a sin to destroy their wedding by overdrinking and stomping all over or by creating a scene by picking up a fight or by telling everyone that they are all wedding crashers. So please remember to be in your alcohol limit. Never let the alcohol count in your body exceed the blood count.

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