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Weddings: Your Fairytale come true

weddingNow that you are engaged, you now need to focus on planning the most sacred day of your life, your wedding! It is important that you make sure everything is organized, so that nothing is forgotten or left out! Here are some ideas and things to remember when planning your wedding:

It's the most important day of your life, so if you have questions or need our advice, ask us!

Dress & Tux

Finding the perfect dress and tux can take some time and effort. Browse around in as many bridal shops as you can before you make any decisions! Make sure the fitting suits your taste and comfort. Really take the time to see which dresses and tuxes make you feel the most special and confident.

Invitations wedding

Visit some shops that specialize in wedding invitations with your fiancÚ. Choose the invitation you both find most attractive and affordable. Once you have, order it right away, for it takes a while for the order to come in!

Church/Wedding Place

If the two of you already have a church you always go to and wish to get married there, then set the date and reserve the day. If you do not have a particular church, then search around for the churches or chapels you find suits you best. If you do not wish to marry in a church or chapel, then find a place you both agree on exchanging your vows in.

Guest book

If you wish, you can get a wedding guest book for your guests to sign, so you and your future spouse can always remember who was a part of you very special day!


Look around for the best quality bakeries who expert in wedding cakes. Taste some samples of their work and see which colors, style and flavors please you most. After you have the cake of your dreams, make an order for it as soon as possible, so that it is guaranteed to be ready on your special day!


Do some research on the most professional photographers in your area. Make a list of your top choices. Once you have done that, call and make an appointment to meet the photographers and tell them what you need and expect. Ask to see some of their work as well, to see if they are what you have in mind. Try to get the best price you can too! If you need to be sure or discuss your idea, ask our experts


Cruise through your wedding day in style! Find a limousine company that provides the services you like most, with prices you find reasonable for you. Choose a limousine style you think fits your day best, so that you and your soon to be spouse can feel extremely important! It will also be fun to ride in and celebrate when you are on your way to your honeymoon!limousine

Further Planning

Do not forget! Choose your maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids and ring bearer (if you desire).

Do you have any wedding questions? Let us assist you with wonderful wedding preparation ideas! Click here for a session with us.

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