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Deal with a Cheating Wife or Husband

Successfully helping you Deal with a Cheating Partner


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Being betrayed will be one of or the most heartbreaking and difficult obstacle you will have to face in your marriage or relationship. Often, people find excuses for their spouse, coming up with ways to blame themselves for being cheated on. The truth is, your spouse cheated and it was not your fault regardless of what reasons he or she throws at you. If they felt they were not getting what they needed and desired at home, they should have talked to you about it. You are not alone when it comes to having the fear of a spouse possibly cheating or already finding out about it. There are signs you can detect that your spouse may be cheating.

How much do people cheat? Go here for the cheating statistics.

The E-Counseling Process:

Love-Sessions provides you with an easy, professional and convenient way to receive expert advice on your issues. We believe that you should get the help and advice you need, without having to pay a high price. Start here

Many people wish to get expert advice, but feel the fees are too much, so we have managed to get you the professional assistance you need for ONLY $39 an e-session. Please keep in mind that all professional counseling services do charge fees and cannot be found for free. All of our counselors are qualified and licensed with experience in relationships, marriage, sexuality and all subjects of human behavior.

Why we charge for Advice

Love-Sessions does charge a fee for advice. This is because your advice will be provided by a qualified psychologist/counselor who will put in time to review your issue and then work on creating advice that will be personally for you and that will suit you best. Though we do charge, it is important that our service is reasonable. Please note that it is impossible or extremely rare to find true expert advice for free.

Client Formcheat

After the simple payment procedure has been completed, you will be directed to a client form, where you will be able to submit your issue of concern. You will be asked some questions regarding your relationship, so that your advisor can get a good idea of what your expectations are from your relationships, as well as get familiar with your romantic personality. You will be able to type your details for as long as you wish, as well as ask any questions you have for your counselor. Your counselor will then review and study the details of your issues and then respond to you with advice in just 24 or less!

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+ Our experts can help you:
+ How to survive an affair
+ Learning to trust your partner again
+ How you can prevent it in the future by improving relationship skills.
+ Learning to trust your partner again
+ How to better the relationship if you were the one who had an affair
+ Re-building a happy relationship

Client Comments

" My counselor was so helpful in helping me read the signs that my husband was cheating and I am so grateful that I now know the truth. I recommend Love-Sessions-you should give them a try!"- Tina R.

" It is amazing how much you do not know about your relationship! After giving my advisor some details about my suspicions and how things were going in my marriage, I was given detailed advice about what signs to look out for and why my marriage went so off track. Thank you so much!"- Carrie

" I was regretfully cheating on my spouse and decided to get some advice and opinions on what may be going on with me, my marriage and what steps I should take, and I must say that the counselor who helped me was very understanding, non-judgmental and gave me some very useful advice. Highly recommended.- Vince T.

" I was a little hesitant in getting advice because I never spent money for advice before and thought I could just figure things out on my own, but after 2 visits to Love-Sessions, I finally to give it a shot and see what they can offer. I was very impressed with the professional advice I received, and not only was it professional, but it was so personal and heartfelt. Believe me, when you are in an emotional stage regarding a cheating spouse, you do not really know what to do, and I am so glad I gave them a try. I suggest that you try them too if you truly are dedicated to facing the truth and making the right decision! Thank you!- Brenda

" Love-Sessions provides a great advising service with counselors who really care and dedicate their time in giving you advice that will really help you. Definitely worth the fee that is charged, thank you!" - Thomas

Find the truths and solutions you and your marriage deserves, and receive your immediate Cheating Spouse Advice Here.

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