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Hi i need help, i think i like my best friend. The whole story starts when my friend Kevin (who i like)took me to the movies to see The Lucky One (a romantic movie, i guess). He took me because i told him i was having family issues n i was so upset. He was [...]

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What to do?

my future partner loves me soo much that he can do and has already ddone un imaginable things for me. but the truth is that i love him as much as i love every one else in my life and this is not what i desire. seriously i dont know what to do about this. [...]

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Im in love with a man twice my age

Two months ago I broke up with my partner of 4 years for multiple reasons eg: the relationship grew stale, the sex was boring, he tried to change me and hated the way I looked.. Before i left my partner I met a man who was twice my age and instantly connected! We were purely [...]

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So here it goes...I am inlove with two of my really good friends i have known for along time now and they are like tottally two different people but (i shall ccall her R for her first name and T)Ive known R for about 4 years now and T for 3 but R loves me [...]

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I love a girl. She is very preety and sharp minded. I proposed her but she refused with an answer that she is not intrested in me. From one and a half year i am prying to God to get her. I want to marry her. what should i do ?(Screen) Name: Bali

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I’m in love with two guys!!

Okay, I love two guys. The first guy, I go to work with and he's really fun and amazing and before summer, he told me he loved me back after I wrote him a letter. Then his best friend pulled a mean prank by pretending to be the guy who I love and saying that [...]

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I am 28 years old,i reside in Houston TX,i met a spell caster online sometimes ago..i was dating a guy,we love each other and we plan to get married this year,some thing came up,his parent don't want us to get married coz of my nationality i am originally from Spain,we continue the relationship in regardless [...]



well my current boyfriend has been going back and forth with me and his ex and its really having me think if i am just his rebound girl. i resently found out that he has been texting his ex girlfriend frequently and has been telling her things that he has never once told me. Once [...]

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letting go is not easy

hi, i am in a serious relationship for merely seven years now. we are happy but our situation was never normal im filipina and his indian im catholic and his muslim to cut the story short his family will never ever accept me. bottom line was we handle it but we had a huge fight [...]

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