THis is for real… To me

I met a man about 4-5 years ago. He is funny, charming, naughty, and smart. I hung out with him for a while this summer and he's still as brilliant as ever. I met him when I was a camper... Kinda awkward because when I was 14 he was 20... He was also my counselor, [...]

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I love someone I shouldn’t

I'm in love with a first cousin. We met for the first time a few months ago. I knew I was in trouble the second she spoke. She radiates warmth, passion, confidence. Things I deeply lack in myself. I didn't want this to happen. She opened her heart to me and cracked mine wide open [...]

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Well i have been with my partner for 4 an half years and about a month ago he told me he didnt love me no more and he wanted to break up  but typical girl i begged him back that i will change and i thought it was all my fault but it was nothing [...]

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Eye For An Eye

Long story short been with guy for 14 yrs.Two kids,good jobs,homeowners,etc.Finally he proposes after all this time.He had been cheating prior to the engagment I knew but was willing to save my family so I  accepted the proposal.Shortly after that he leaves for an trip and accidently left an old cell phone.So I looked in [...]

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Should I go for it?

well wen Istarted hanging out with this guy he said he doesnt want a girlfriend but now we have kinda been acting like boyfriend and girlfriend (no kissing or anything like that though) and i dont know if he wants a girlfriend now but I want to start dating him but Idont want to ask him out cause [...]

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my love for u is real,,,,

my life is blissed...i found a man for me... when he look at me..i feel melting like an ice cream.. i see his eyes telling me the real meaning of love... LOVE means a lot for me.. it moves in mysterious ways..when love appears over the horizon.. i Love you...its always so surprising.. From the [...]

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Given opinions without thinking.

I have a very close knit group of friends.We are together from the very school days and they have been the closest to my heart all this time. Lately I had developed a very bad habit of forming opinions about people without judging him/her properly.Two of my friends had gone in to a relationship lately.one [...]

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Hi i need help, i think i like my best friend. The whole story starts when my friend Kevin (who i like)took me to the movies to see The Lucky One (a romantic movie, i guess). He took me because i told him i was having family issues n i was so upset. He was [...]

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well my current boyfriend has been going back and forth with me and his ex and its really having me think if i am just his rebound girl. i resently found out that he has been texting his ex girlfriend frequently and has been telling her things that he has never once told me. Once [...]

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i did longing for a true love for a very long time.I had a serious relationship when i was 18,we shared all for 8 years,help each other to achieve our dreams then someone came and he cheated me and left me behind and i almost lose my life and i cant move on..I had my [...]

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