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in love with married man

Our story started back in 2008 on 10th November before IITF (INDIAN INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR ) ...after few words over the call, i went and met the guy who was to interview me...:)...dark Indian average man...took me up for new definitions of few lil words (not to be disclosed, words were cheap and funny, may [...]

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Love and Lies

I need help. Serious help before i do damage to myself. And my family. I am 18. I just want to be happy. My last relationship, I got pregnant. Forced to abort. I lied to the world and said I had gotten sick so they didnt have to know what i did. Lies went bad. [...]

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heart confusion

I lay on my bed..My mind wont drop him..but why? Is it the fact we lasted 10 months? or hes the only guy I loved? It all began last year when I dated the cute football player he was sweet but he didnt pay any attention and ditched me for his friends Cade was his [...]

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out of love

i am engaged almost 3 years now,we broke up about 1 year ago i started seeing someone else who happened 2 be my fiance's neighbour, we slept together and i was so inlove with my fiance i went back with him for almost 5 months we were goin back an forth thinking if we should [...]

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oh no…he read it

of all crazy things to happen...I wrote a blog about my best friend who is married, and guess what....the little ass read it! Long story short I literally had to wrestle him to try to stop him, and he still read it! He promised me his wife will never know...but it didnt solve the problem [...]

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She loves me, I am in love with her….

I'm falling in love with my best friend. The problem is, she loves me back... and she already has a boyfriend. Another problem is that I'm a girl too. (Screen) Name: nameless

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Why do I have to love her?

I met this girl a year ago. She was interesting and we soon became good friends. I wanted to tell her my feelings, but then found out that one of my best guy friends also liked her (he asked me about chords to compose a love song). So, stupidly, I tried to do the "noble" [...]

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i will keep the feeling inside…

I am in love with one of my bestfriends.. the feeling comes 0ut 0f my c0ntr0l... i l0ve him s0 much...but, i cann0t express my feelings t0 him... n it hurt me da m0st when he is n0w running away fr0m me...i feel like l0sing him f0rever...i l0st my bestfren... (@_@) im afraid t0 get [...]

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What To Do?? Plz Reply Quickly

I jus confessed to my boyfriend after a year that while we were broken up i had sex with someone else. He asked me about it once and i lied to him i felt so bad but then i jus went ahead and told the truth now he is really mad for me lying and [...]

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