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Living a Lie

I am a young girl. I'm almost 16, and have always had a heart after God. No matter what I've done I will NOT have sex before marriage, but I've already ruined so many of the things that are supposed to wait until marriage. That make it so much more special. I've ruined it terribly. [...]

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infidelity with a friends wife

OMG! I cannot believe this is happening. I am married and we have a couple also married that we spen a lot of time with. Recently and out of the blue I have found out that my bubbies wife has been very attracted to me for a long time. There were mild flirtations, and one [...]

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I eloped with an Arab.

I'm a white Christian woman who met a man from the Middle East online. First we communicated through emails, then on the phone and finally we met in person. . The thing is, we fell in love before meeting in person the first time. He is the kindest, smartest, funniest guy I have ever been [...]

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who do you <3 ?

There are many different kinds of love. There's love at first sight when you just know hes the one just by a glance there's also the cupids aro where you just cant help your self but to just lose control when your with them, there's also diatic partner- ship love which is the most honest [...]

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I met this guy three years ago he kept asking me out and I would always say if I was not married i'd be all over you when I found out my spouse was cheating I decided to give in in the the next time he approached me and did i mess up, i fell [...]

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oh no…he read it

of all crazy things to happen...I wrote a blog about my best friend who is married, and guess what....the little ass read it! Long story short I literally had to wrestle him to try to stop him, and he still read it! He promised me his wife will never know...but it didnt solve the problem [...]

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Over the summer I was in a relationship with a previous good friend. Things ended poorly and we dont speak. I still think i am in love with him 6 months later. I am now considering a new relationship with my closest guy friend. He is very into me but I am somewhat unsure of [...]

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In love with two people

I have been in a long, on again- off again relationship with my partner for over ten years now. We have a child together no less. However, my partner has mistreated me several times over the years, sometimes stepping into the realms of abuse. I have always loved him but I have been feeling every [...]

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