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Divorce Statistics and Trend

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Divorce Statistics and Trend - Is Divorce rate is on the rise?

Divorce is a common prevalent phenomenon in most of the developed societies in the world. Divorce refers to separation of partners from the marriage institution through mutual consent. Divorce also means dissolution of marriage. The divorce has to be certified by a court of law. divorce

There could be various reasons for divorce between a husband and wife. The most common reasons are incompatibility, lack of interest in married life, infidelity, stress on marriage emerging from profession and lack of interest in sex.

According to a survey conducted in 1997, as listed on divorcewizards.com, 11,63,000 divorces were granted across various states in the US. It works out to 4.3 per cent for every 1,000 population. There were 19,400,000 divorced adults as on 1998. The average age of divorced adults is below 34 years. For men, it is 34.6 years and for women, it is 32.2 years. The average duration of their married life is approximately 7.1 years.

Instances of divorces even after the offspring is born is on the increase in the recent times. According to an estimate, there are 10,000,000 children whose parents are divorced. It works out to 17 children for a total population of 1,000. A majority of these children are under the age of 18 years.

The life of the adults in the post divorce period has interesting statistics. According to a recent survey, more than 80 per cent of men remarry after divorce. Similarly, more than 75 % of divorced women remarry. This percentage applies to both categories of adults, those with children and those without children. Most often divorced adults remarry within three years of divorce. Another survey revealed that the average household income of the remarried couples (after spending five years together) increased substantially when compared to their previous marriage. This trend is attributed to "lessons" learnt from the first marriage. Adults, who remarry, show a tendency of savings as security for their future and children.

The survey also found that two-thirds to three-fourths of the divorces are initiated by women and not men. Dr Peter Orli, in his book, Seven Myths of Divorce, notes that most often women are largely satisfied with their divorce settlements. However, that is not the case with men, who are often found to be dissatisfied with the divorce settlements.

Recent research indicates that more than 50 per cent of the marriages in the US end in divorce within the first 15 months. This figure is higher in Southern California. It is as high a 75 %.

The divorce rate in some of the states in the US in 2004 for every population of 1,000 are as follows: The figures are provided by the US Census Bureau. Alabama: 4.7; Alaska: 4.8; Arizona: 4.2; Arkanasas: 6.3; Colorado: 4.4; Connecticut: 2.9; Delaware: 3.7; District of Columbia: 1.7; Florida: 4.8; Idaho: 5.1; Illinois; 2.6; Iowa: 2.8; Kansas: 3.3; Kentucky: 4.9; Maine: 3.6; Maryland: 3.1; Michigan: 3.5; Minnesota: 2.8; Mississippi; 4.5; Missouri: 3.8; Montana: 3.8; Nebraska: 3.6; Nevada: 6.4; New Hampshire: 3.9; New Jersey: 3; New Mexico: 4.6; New York: 3; North Carolina: 4.4; North Dakota: 2.8; Ohio: 3.7; Oregon: 4.1; Pennsylvania: 2.5; Rhode Island: 3; South Carolina: 3.2; South Dakota: 3.2; Texas: 3.6; Utah: 3.9; Vermont: 3.9; Virginia: 4; Washington: 4.1; West Virginia: 4.7; Wisconsin: 3.1 and Wyoming: 5.3

This latest divorce rate provided by the US Census Bureau is 3.6 per 1,000 total population. When compared to 1997, the divorce trends in 2007 have undergone a radical change, More categories of "reasons" are emerging as the root cause of divorce in US these days.

According to the 2004 data, one of the new reasons are family strains, which account for 18 per cent of the divorce. Emotional and physical abuse account for 17 per cent of the divorces. Similarly, mid-life crisis accounts for 13 per cent of the divorces. Addictions to alcoholism and gambling accounts for 6 per cent of the divorce. Addiction to work accounts for 6 per cent of the divorce. Extramarital affairs continues to top the list. It accounts for 27 per cent of marriages ending in divorce.

While 75 per cent of men are found to be involved in extramarital affairs, 25 per cent of women have relationship with men outside the purview of marriage. The 2004 survey also established that women seeking divorce was to the extent of 93 per cent in divorce cases and only a small segment of men questioned them.

The implications of divorce are tremendous. It can be emotionally draining on both adult partners. It could disrupt the upbringing of children and spoil their career. Often courts permit children to be with either of the parents for a brief period of time in a specified year. However, research has established that kids are brought up well when parents are together. A divorce can have psychological effect on the children. It is always suggested that the partners go through various levels of counseling before formalizing a divorce.

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