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Love Quotes

Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

I love it when you look at me, Because I know for one moment I crossed your mind

I'm walking away Iím closing the door I'm not going to let you hurt my no more!!

He's the one who makes me cry but no matter how hard try I love him more makes my heart saw

Love is like a soap.. once u hold on to it, it slips outs ur hands


You can make me smile, you can make me cry but the one thing you can't do is make me stop loving you.

"I love you more then life itself!!!

If you love him you will let him go if he doesnít come back heís with me!!!

"Star light, Star bright, The first star, I see tonight, I wish may, I wish I might, That I find a guy that will treat me right!!!"

"i'ma ride with you, fly with you, Smoke pot and get high with you and when it comes to the bullet, shit I'll die for you!!!"

My love for you is ever long....my love for you is growing strong....I gave you my heart as one...I trust that you wont get it wrong...together forever me and you....I tell you baby 'I love you'

A love is like a sun its give us brightness in our life and at night its like a moon its save us from darkness.

People are obsessed with fashion, always wanting the best bag or shoe, but I donít really care what I wear.. coz I no I look best with u

We'll never be friends, We'll love each other till it kills us both, and we'll fight, and hate each other but we still won't be friends. Love isn't brains. children, it's blood, coarsening through our veins, screaming at us to work it's will.

I saw your face in a crowded place, I donít no what to do cause ill never be with you how is it that when you love someone they don't love you back?

Everyone wants a man they can run to in their sweats, hair a mess, make-up running down your face, and eyes red from crying, and they first thing he says to you is "Baby your b-e-a-u-t-I-f-u-l...and actually means it.

I am sexy and cute you poor and a fool iím a princess your a fish

roses r red violets r blue kisses r sweet and I love u

Dream are only wishes we havenít made a reality....my dream was you. it lasted like magic. but it was an illusion like magic.

If you love somebody, set them free... If they return, they were always yours... If they donít, they never were.

If tears could describe how much I Love you, I would only need two. One for me and one for you........

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