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Wedding Proposals

proposalProposals: Making it Unforgettable

Before you reach the point of exchanging your vows, you will need to propose to your love and ask them if they would like to join you in life’s journey. Proposing to your love will be a once in a lifetime opportunity, so you need you make it unforgettable! Take a look around at some proposal ideas and see which ones you could take into consideration.

Garden Proposal

First, do some research on what gardens are most beautiful. Then plan a day when you and your partner can spend some quality time together. Tell him or her that you found out about this beautiful garden that everyone just loves and would like to go there together and see it. Take a camera with you and take pictures when you get there (to remember this surprise proposal day). Talk to your partner about how beautiful or wonderful you find the garden to be and then tell them that as lovely as the garden is, it cannot compare to them. In fact, nothing can compare to them. Tell him or her that you love them and being in such a beautiful place makes you realize just how much you always want to be with them. Then…propose!

Proposal in a Shell

proposeThe beach alone is a very romantic place. Imagine if you proposed to your lover on the beach! Well, the beach will never be the same! It will always be the most romantic memory. Arrange a day when you and your partner can take a trip to your favorite beach. Go around the late afternoon or early evening. Just have a normal day as you would any time the two of you would visit a beach. Keep on the look out for good-looking shells. Collect them together. At sunset, tell him or her how much you love them and have a romantic time. The next morning, clean up your favorite shell, place the ring in it and wrap it up in clear wrapping and a bow. Give it to your partner. Then…propose!

Ring around the Rose

Be a real romantic by placing a single red rose on your partner’s pillow or personally deliver it to them! Tie the ring around the stem of the rose with a nice ribbon or string. If you are placing it on their pillow to find, you may set a note by the rose with an explanation of just how much they mean to you and how much you love them. Be creative and come up with your own original words. Then, in the most romantic words you can come up with, propose to them and tell them you want to be with him or her forever!

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Nature’s Proposal ring in rose

There are a lot of areas that are surrounded by nature, with many trees and green grass. Do your best to find an area that matches this description and go for a walk there, with your lover. As the two of you walk, keep paying attention to which sections of that area is the most private, with little or no people around. Have a poem or letter ready to read to him or her. Write it out before your visit to the area. This letter or poem should be about your relationship and how you feel about him or her. Read to the in the private section. Let them respond, telling you how sweet it was. Once they have done that, you can tell them it was a way of letting them know just how serious your feeling are about them and you want to grow old with them. Then…propose!

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