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Wedding Decorations  

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Tips for wedding decorations

Wedding is an important event in our lives. For most it's a one time opportunity. So we wish to make it special and memorable. Simple living high thinking doesn't fit in when it comes to an event like wedding. Everything has to be as beautiful and grand as possible. We would leave no stones unturned to make sure that every minute detail is taken care of to make it a memorable event.

Today almost all wedding ceremonies are either recorded on photographs or video films. This is to capture the memories of the occasion. So when we want to capture these moments we want it to look the best possible. And so decoration of the wedding venue becomes important. The decoration depends on the venue as well as the type of wedding. Let's look at some broader issues to be taken care of in wedding decoration.

Traditional Wedding

Space- The decoration may look good but if it hinders with the movement of the guests then it never serves the purpose. The decorations should be so made that there is enough space for the guests to move around freely and mingle with each other. The line of sight of the guests to the bride and groom should not be hindered. Everyone who has come for the wedding wants to see the wedding ceremony so it's very important that they have a clear view of the proceedings.

Preparations - make sure you get the estimates done for the budget as well as time required to get the decorations ready in time. If not planned properly in advance the expense may creep up and also the time required will be more. Keep a good track of the proceedings.

Consultation - Consult with your photographer and video person as to the look of the decoration. Something may look very good in real but on screen it may not live up to the expectation. The professionals have a good knowledge of what looks better on a video and in a photo. So its imperative that their suggestions are given importance.

Lighting - A very important factor is the lighting both in terms of the beauty as well as necessity. Again the photography and video shooting need good lighting. So consult with the professionals for that.

Themed Wedding.

Choosing the theme - it is important that every participant in the event is comfortable with getting involved in the theme. So choosing the theme is a very tricky issue. While doing it consideration should be given to the profile of the participants, the venue and the weather etc. The theme should blend with the weather and the surrounding.

The theme should not overshadow the meaning of the wedding day - This is very important as what is more important is the wedding and not the theme. The theme should be just to add uniqueness to the event. So it should be taken care that the theme fits in with the customs and procedures of the wedding ceremony. Decoration should be made to enhance the wedding ceremony by blending the theme with the ceremony. One should not compromise with the spirit of the event just to make the decoration better.

Take professional help - Arrange for a wedding coordinator. Give your personal time to make sure everyone has got the picture clear. It's important that the vision you have in your mind is communicated properly to the organizing people. Professionals have a very good idea about these things and can be of great help when it comes to decision making and budget planning for the event.

The Look - the color scheme, materials used and costumes should all be in sync with the theme and also should not take the centre stage. While the theme should be reflected well in the decoration it should only compliment the wedding. You want the theme to add a surprise element to the event and not a shock.

It doesn't matter what kind of a wedding you are planning for, decoration does give color to the event. If proper planning and execution is achieved the event can be memorable for not only the bride and the groom but also for the guests and the organizers.

Wedding Decorations
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