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What is in Love  

I am falling in Love, What is happening to me?

Curiously, everything on this planet revolves around love. Each living being that grows and sustains itself, loves something or the other. Some species love food, some love the air, depending on what they need and brings them comfort and satisfaction.  In humans however, love is complicated than any other species. There are several reasons to it. Firstly, unlike other species that communicate non verbally, for humans love spells a thousand different things. Human life is more complicated than any other species therefore, love happening and understanding takes a longer period of time.

So have you ever asked yourself, “I am falling in love, what is happening to me really?” Surely you have at some point or another, when the special someone showed up and your heart nearly missed a lot of beats and you thought you were going insane. When love happens there are a thousand things that are going on inside your body and mind. what is in love

Factually, there is always the hormonal and mental reaction- this happens whenever you see someone attractive, and possibly in and around your age range. This is because both the man and woman are in similar mental and hormonal state. Again, if you heart was beating, it was because of the glance the person gave you, or the effect of merely looking at the person who you have developed a crush on.

When you are in love, you will always wish that the person you are in love with remain with you for all time. Love does not always mean sex, some people can go on being in love for a long time, without really indulging in sex. When love happens sex will happen automatically, though after how long, depends on the couple rather than on the person himself.

However, there are no clear signals for love, some people have made mistakes by interpreting lust as love, but lust will soon die out, after the physical attraction is over and each people will be looking different ways. However, love rarely dies out, the couple may or may not be together any more, but once you have really loved a person, you can be assured that you will never stop loving the person though you may be miles apart.

Love does not necessarily mean meeting everyday either.  Instead, love means having and maintaining affection for someone special, from whom you would even relish a glance. Sometimes, love is a difficult thing, it can evade you, and you do not fall in love unless you have found the perfect person.

There are many things that generally influence a person when he is in love. The mental set up has to be correct to accept and follow the vibes coming in from the next person. Another very important thing is that, the situation where you fall in love should be perfect. If you have been going through a crush for a long time, you should be able to muster enough courage to approach the person and talk to her/him. People who do not muster enough courage generally end up feeling frustrated because they have not been able to give their feelings a chance of expressing themselves.

There are also people in this world who tend to shy away from their feelings; this is because they are more afraid of the pains of heartbreak and rejection rather than the love itself. It is true heartbreak that comes after a break up in a relationship can be quite painful, for some people it ends up making an a mark that cannot be completely removed from their lives.

Love has its own virtues; a person in love changes inside out, he becomes more humane, and sometimes people find solace in being with their loved ones, this is entirely true especially for those who are very deeply in love.

When you are in love, you will miraculously be ready accepting the next person better than you would otherwise, this tends to widen your scope of understanding and affection. Falling in love is a great experience; all of us tend to experience this miracle at least once in a lifetime. This is why throughout the ages there are many who have devoted their works of literature, art, filmmaking, storytelling to love and its importance in life.

Love in human beings is all the more surprising, because couples have their own set of problems, but once in love, each one is ready to sacrifice and compromise so that they can stay together. Humans can go to any limits once they are in love, for humans love is the ever found happiness and the reason to do any type of supreme sacrifice for each other.

Love really is God’s gift to mankind, so the smart thing to do is never be afraid of falling in love and find someone with whom you would want to spend your life with.


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