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What is Love?  

Is love more then butterflies and a fast heart beat?

Mature love is beyond the butterflies and heart throbbing. It is a love that starts with YOU first. Do you truly love yourself? Are you secure in your self-esteem and feel content in your personal life? This issue is extremely important to deal with, for you need to love yourself before you can truly love another. what is love

True love is not only about a constant physical attraction. It is about staying together through the rough times and helping each other with tears and fears, as well as laughter and sparkling smiles. You both never try to change each other, but except one another for who you really are, instead of arguing or blaming the other for the differences between you. You are not only lovers, yet wonderful friends, who are honest and trust each other with your personal feelings and worries. With each experience you go through, you learn more about the other and love and appreciate them even more, continuing to give each other the space to grow into their own independent character. If you need advice on a personal issue, ask the experts.

What is in Love ?

Though love itself is simple, telling the difference between true love and infatuation can be rather confusing, especially in our young years when our hormones are raging. Sometimes we meet a person who just makes our bodies jittery and our heads full of daydreams and fantasies and we mistaken that for love, when it is indeed, only an infatuation or crush. For example, a young girl can find her teacher good looking, kind and intelligent, which awakens her already raging hormones to gather together and form this huge feeling of fascination, putting the person on a pedestal, without even knowing anything about them. They constantly think of the other, depending on them for a high self esteem, or low however the person will react towards them and so on. Because you will feel these feelings at the first stage of true love for another, you might get confused when you get at this point, as many do. However, you should be patient and give yourself some time and observe whether your love or infatuation matures into true love.

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