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Are you Someone’s Rebound?

Finally, after a long time of being alone and going through what it feels like endless boring dates, you meet someone super cute, super cool and super available!

You clicked from the very start, have many things in common, the physical attraction is very strong, you laugh together and when you are not in contact, you cannot wait to talk to and see each other again!

There’s just one thing eating at you, causing you to scratch your head wondering “Are you being used as a rebound?” You are asking yourself this because this new person in your life just exited another relationship that he or she was in for quite a while. As amazing as you are A-rebound (15)feeling, you also cannot help but think that maybe this person moved on too quickly from their break up. Are they just filling in emotional gaps from their break up, by going out with you as a coping mechanism? Or is it possible that he or she is really over their last relationship and the connection they made with you is so great, that they really into you and ready to get into something amazing with you?

If only this question were that simple to answer.  While it may seem like most people take some time to heal from a break up before diving back into the diving sea, others get back into it right away.

There could be two reasons for this…

One could be that this person is completely over the last person they were with and is ready to move on and start meeting other people. Sometimes, when people break up, it is after a long time of already being unhappy with their partner. They probably stuck around long enough to see if things could work but a big part of their heart was already out of it.


The other reason could be that they are indeed still coping with all the emotional roller coasters that come with a break up, but have trouble being alone and crave having company and being romantically linked to someone. This is where you don’t want to fall into, but of course it is difficult to say whether this is the case or not. All you have to go on is what they tell you and decide whether you want to take a chance and believe it or not.


If you met someone you like that recently got out of a relationship, take it slowly. Even if he or she says they are completely over their ex and have moved on, it is your best interest to take your time getting to know this person a little more before giving yourself the green light to emotionally dive in. Just take it a day at a time and enjoy getting to know each other.




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