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In the Bedroom with Alina

Waiting to have sex

Poll Results: More people waiting to have sex! With all the sexual temptations out there, it is hard to believe that more and more people are actually waiting to have sex. A recent Love-Sessions poll showed that many people believe that sex is something that should not be rushed in dating and believe they should have around three dates first before taking the next step and having sex with their romantic interest.

Is your Body keeping you from a good Sex Life?

Good Sex in a good relationship. Do you often feel bad, embarrassed and insecure about your body? Is your insecurity about your body preventing your relationship with your partner from having a good and healthy sex life? Are you obsessed with the way your body looks regardless of what everyone else tells you? The following tips will help you conquer your body insecurity and start having a more open and healthy sexual and intimate relationship with your partner.



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Join Alina and discuss interesting, fun and hot bedroom topics! 

Your O-Face: Have you seen it and do you like it? With great sex should come a great orgasm- and with each orgasm comes that o-face. That's right, your orgasm face- the face you make when you have reached your most pleasurable point during sex.

Should You Spend the Night? Ok ladies- so you're dating someone you really like and things are really hot between you. Should you spend the night as you would with other guys in the past or should you resist the temptation and go home after your sexy date?

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