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When Your Partner Constantly Checks out other People

Dealing with a Wandering Eye:: It’s no secret that we will all encounter other people we find attractive- and we will look. It is only natural to look at someone who appeals to you and there is no need to feel guilty about it, for it is in no way being unfaithful or unloving to your partner. But what if you have a partner who is constantly checking other people out? Is there such thing as looking “too much”? Is it disrespectful to you and the relationship?

Commitment types

For many of us commitment means getting married and staying together forever until we no longer exist. The idea of commitment has changed over time though, and many people avoid getting involved with such an idea. Commitment covers different areas and it is essential that you know what you wish to commit to and if the person you are interested in, feels the same. There are several different types of commitments.

Cheating: When the Temptation comes to cheat.

Sometimes, no matter how wonderful of a relationship you are in, there will come a time when you will face a challenge- the temptation to cheat. If you start getting thoughts and fantasies of getting involved with another person, do not start feeling guilty or like you have failed at keeping your relationship perfect. The truth, no relationship will ever be perfect, and it is imperfections that keeps a relationship on it’s toes, making you and partner continuously work as team in keeping your relationship open, happy and healthy

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