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Are you ready for Marriage?

It is the event we all dream about; our wedding day. We all picture ourselves eventually settling down with the perfect partner and build a strong and wonderful married life together and even create a family. There is a lot more to marriage besides the romance and love you feel for one another. A good and healthy marriage requires effort and team work. The both of you will enter the marriage together and therefore will have to continue to precede the marriage together

Saving your Marriage

There are times when a relationship reaches a point where either you, your partner or both of you feel that you can no longer proceed with your relationship. Though this may be so, the two of you still have a connection and really do want to make your relationship work, but do not know exactly how to approach the rescue. If your relationship is going through a rocky period, but you do not want to lose your partner and wish to make things better and continue to build a strong bond together, then consider the following steps to save your relationship


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