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Welcome to the Love Story Blog of Love-Sessions.

Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended.

Hollywood's best movies are love stories! We are eager to read yours or maybe you are just eager to read others.  Maybe one of the producers of Hollywood is reading your story and what a story that would be!

Enjoy our site and we look forward to receive your story!

A poor guys one side love

Posted on : 08-07-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story, Secret Love



This is my friends love story. Ravi first in the class since 2years in intermediate.he loved a girl Priya who is not very good looking but she is silent calm and has a cute smile. She never talked with others on her own she gives replies when any asks her. Everybody respects her in the class. Ravi never told about his love with his friends also.He talked with her only ten to twelve times but he likes her very much.In the end of school days he wanted to propose to her but he cant as he was afraid that if she rejects his proposal he could not tolerate it. So he hide his love.As it is customary to write slam books at the time of partition he also have his slam book to her she wrote in that he is good friend to her and she likes his jovial nature.On the last day when everybody was leaving he asked her when she was leaving she told him that she dont have anybody except her uncle she was going to join in orphans school on listening to it he felt very much depressed about her condition she asked him ‘U too are leaving today’? Meaning not to leave today. He waited till morning when he was leaving the school she came to give off to him her face become so small with no smile and a gloomy face. RAVI was not able to hide his feelings.she told him be in contact with her but she dont have any phone number or any address.in that sorrow he forget to give his phone number to her.Now he could not able to find where she was but still have a hope that he would meet her in future.He wanted to settle in good position and find her propose to her.

(Screen) Name: Ravi


spell brought my husband back!!

Posted on : 12-04-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story

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hi everybody,,magic is real,just believed that some weeks ago i guess,and the funny thing is i learnt it the hard way..i had been married for four years with two kids and thought everything in my marriage was perfect and extraordinary,my husband was the most loving and my whole family was happy until everything changed..don’t know how or what happened but i guess i didn’t believe it was my fault.he started hitting me and my kids,cheating and we started having dept cos he was gambling quite much and he had lost his job..A friend introduced me to some counselors and therapist but it didn’t get well,it was getting worse so i decided to go the spiritual angle..After several attempts with different spell casters and magicians nothing happened.i met some people online who claimed to know someone who claimed to be able to help but it was all false,i lost a lot of money,was scammed several times and cheated on…i guess i was too desperate for a quick solution,but it all changed when i was introduced to a spell caster online,i thought he was going to be fake,maybe try to scam me again so i was prepared this time,i thought at least i could get him caught or something..but he wasn’t what it thought he was,he did some spell which i used playing along,but he was right,he was true..everything stated to turn around,my husband came home,he was changing and everything was going back to normal..and now after three weeks,everything is perfect and much more..my family is back,he has a new job,i do too..and we are happy as ever..i guess magic truly exist but in the right people with the right heart..magic is real and out there so is the person who saved my marriage,my family and i…

bainessuseee gmail com

(Screen) Name: sussy


a graet love story

Posted on : 13-12-2010 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story



maine jab us larki ko pahli martaba dekha to main apna dil use de bhata maine khabi usse izhar nahi kiya tha lekin maine socha hoya tha ke main ek din izhar karo ga us ke bad wo acadamy se hat gai aur main bhi wo kahi aur chale gai main kahi aur ek din allah ka kar aisa hoya ke maine us ke bhai ko call ki to usne attend ki maine pucha ke us ka bhai kaha hai to kahti soya hoya hai maine kaha theek hai kahti ye tumhara number hai maine kaha hai kahti theek hai maine ek ya do mant bat ki phir maine socha ke ab waqt agaya hai ab main ise apne dil ki bat kah do phir maine use kaha ke main tum se ek bat karna chahta ho usne kaha kya maine kaha ke ek bat hai jo maine tum kai salo se nahi kahi kahti kya maine kaha main tum se buhat pyar karta ho i love you kahti ye tum bacho wali bate kar rahe ho mere dil may tumhare liye koi filling nahi hai par such ye tha ke wo mujh se bachpan hi se chahti thi par usne khabi izhar nahi kiya jab usne ye bat kahi to maine kaha agar pyar nahi karti to friend ship theek hai takriban 2 ya 3 mounth bad us ne kaha i love u maine kaha ye kaise kahti mujh may izhar karne ki himmat nahi thi ab kahti ho ilove you phir maine kaha i love u too agay ki kahani ka intazar kare ok

(Screen) Name: butt


My True Love, My Pumpkin

Posted on : 17-04-2010 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story, Soul Mates



hello everyone. we r in love with each other from last 7 years, when we are in schools. but at the middle we r not in contact,we broke up our frdship bcoz of some misunderstandings, but our love is not got weak. after 5 years sudden we got in contact with chating. but when me met again we realize that we both are right at our sights but some persons don’t want to see us together and they created misunderstanding in our love.
but coz of our true love we got in contact , not only in contact but now we both are trying to make our parents agree for our marriage. we love our parents but we cant live without each other.

(Screen) Name: Pumpkin’s betu


Forever and Always

Posted on : 14-12-2009 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story, Soul Mates



She was a beautiful young girl. Her name was Paige.Her eyes were a tinted blue that as he comments ” You could stare into them for hours…” He meant the world to her. She would gladly die for him. His name was Dokota.His hair was so brown it looked black. At first it was just some small crush but the night he told her he thought he was falling for her you could hear her haert pounding in her cheast. They knew they were meant for each other. There was of course a small kind of big problem. He, Dokota, had a girlfriend. Now you would think he would tell this girl he was with, that it was over. Well he couldn’t. He still had feelings left for this other girl. He called Paige every night to let her know he still cared that he still had feelings left for her. He sang her songs, played his guitar. Just for her. Then rummors flew and they got around to her. The rummors said that he was in love with other girls and even her bestfriend tried telling her he was playing her. ( which he realy was.) She of course knew the whole time what he was doing, she didn’t care. She REALY did love him. So she thought “just as long as he pretended to love me I could make it through.” She knew that without him she would be nothing. She wanted to forget about him. She tried day after day. Trying got even harder. Still she had to try. But, the only thing that came were the tears he would never get to see the tears he would never help her wipe away. To this day they are still not together but in her heart she will always want and need him, she will always love. ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Screen) Name: shannieb

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