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Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended.

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The Campus Playgirl and The Rebel

Posted on : 18-03-2009 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story, Secret Love

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Two years ago,I thought my bestfriend is the one I love most. I even confessed to him so many times. And every time I confess my feelings toward him, he just felt annoyed. He just laughs and treats me like a little sister. Well, I couldn’t blame him. He got hurt from the women he loved. Now he just doesn’t know what love really means. Back to my story, Benjie did gave me the shocks of every high schoolgirls would have. I am one of the campus playgirls. I go in an dout of any relationship that won’t even last for a month. Then, I would leave them hanging asking themselves, “What did I do?”
That’s how I throw myself out of despair. My first boyfriend met an accident after that. While he’s out of the country, I was with other guys. Though we lasted for more than a year, I just treated him as my best friend. He feels it and he keeps on asking me why. I just smile at him. He knows why. He knows who I love really. Then, he said he would be leaving the country again to study. I wasn’t surprised, wasn’t shocked. I wasn’t even sad about it. But when he was on the plane, something in my heart really pounded. Then, he called before the plane got off. He said that after that call, he was setting me free. He couldn’t handle me because I can’t tame myself. I”m in lone with another and he can’t take it because he can’t change it. He cried while he was singing to me the last song he’ll ever dedicate to me…Iris.
Months after that, he was drunk with his cousin. He was completely drunk but he still wanted to drive their motorcycle. He drove fast over the slippery road. Then a car just hit them. I received his mother’s call, about him being comatosed in the hospital for three days and that he didn’t make it, on the day of my graduation. I was crying that day, not because I would be apart from my friends but because I lost someone who let feel I’m wanted and loved. Since then, I really never got involved with men. But as for my bestfriend, he wasn’t about to give up and let him be the center of my sadness. He can’t take my confessions so he gave my number to his other friend. That’s when I got to know someone named Benjie. He never lied to me about his life because we thought we wouldn’t really have the chance of seeing each other because we’re just textmates. That’s where we went wrong. I was sent to another school where I didn’t expect to be adjacent to their school. And since he only take me as a challenge, he courted me. First, when we haven’t seen each other yet. And then he courted me again personally. I promised myself then that I wouldn’t fall for anyone. Not to someone like him who hates his family and have too many girlfriends. I sometimes even catch him having drinking sessions with his classmates. I even caught him smoking. Somehow, I felt like being challenged too. He wasn’t like my first boyfriend. He was altogether different. He’s the rebel. I gave him my “yes” when my other bestfriend was getting all cranky because of my dilemma with depression with what happened to my first bf. He was like catching me in the time I felt killing myself. And I thought, I missed playing with guys. Until I came back with my old habit of dating other guys and letting them court in front of him. He would never say he’s jealous. And I know that because he has other girls while it’s still us. One time, I was dating this guy inside our campus. I was also texting the other that was courting me by that day. So I never noticed where he was pulling me to. I just noticed that we were on the 4th floor of one of the buildings . And it was getting dark. I have to go home but he insisted. He told me stay with him for awhile. I thought I will loose something precious in his hands by that time. I was afraid because I was the manipulator but back there, there’s nothing I could do. He was taller than me. And he’s a really big guy. When something knocked me back into my senses, I pushed him back and managed to runaway. Mark, the other guy who was courting me, was waiting for me. I never managed to tell him what happened to me. I was thinking of my real boyfriend whom I was expecting to be like that but never touched me roughly. The next day, I just can’t help myself revealing to him what happened. I never expected myself to cry in his arms. He even got mad and almost tore down the chair we were sitting on. It was then I felt he cared for me. And then, after that, I was having doubts if I should be serious about our relationship with him. Time passed and still I can’t decide to myself. Then I had a medical examination. I have odd feelings about my body. I hardly get enough sleep. And I always tire myself too much that maybe to some extent, my body got exhausted. The doctor told me that there could be a risk of me having only a short lifespan by then. He said some years perhaps. I was more than afraid. I’m only seventeen. I haven’t enjoyed life, I haven’t got any kids. And I’m going to die after graduation? My world shattered and I told Benjie about that. I was surprised when he embraced me tightly. I told myself that maybe he was just trying to comfort me. That he just cares that a lot. Then I felt his tears on my shoulder, I also started to cry. He told me that he’ll change. That he would make me happy and forget about it. For the first time, I believed him. The doctor prescribed me some medicine that could help me cure the disease. While taking the medicines, Benjie gave his full attention to me. He cut off his other relationships and so his friends too that influences him about his habits. Little by little, he did changed. And so did I.I got cured, but I’m still keeping myself safe because of other risks. Now that he’s beside me, nothing could go wrong. I have my rebel by my side now, and the only thing he’s crazy about is me as I am to him…

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