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Single Mother

Posted on : 02-04-2009 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Long Distance Love, Romance Love Story



I am young of twenty and have 1 kid, a boy. About a year ago, I knew a man 8 months (Online). He was married, and I took him seriously. Because I thought he was very nice..

My boyfriend died some time ago. I was heartbroken, and finally my sister persuaded me to come back to my old home town. A short time after, I met this man again.

He told me that. he is separated from his ex wife (Filipina), and that he had two children to take care of. He is still married, and living alone at his apartment and working to support his children. We have seen quite a lot each other lately (Online Cam), and are very fond of one another.
But here is the problem:

He had promised his wife not to marry again, because she did not want the children to be unhappy. She had seen so many children made unhappy by step parents, and thought it would be better if he remained single.

But I am sure that I would be good to his children. My boy is fond of him, and he seems like them a lot. I think he trusts me, hates to break his promise. I’m lonely for companionship, and believe we could be happy together and make his children happy. My son and him know each other, and often play together (On cam); they seem to get along all right.

Please tell me what to do about the whole thing. I hate being left in mid-air, not knowing what is what, or how to plan for the future.

*My thoughts*

* It was rather a strange promise for me to make, and it was not right of this wife to expect him to keep it. Marriage vows say, “until death do us part.” They do not actually bind a person to eternal loneliness if one marriage partner leaves this world.

But since I feel as he does, I doubt whether I would be happy if I did marry him. The memory of his first wife would probably always come between me, and if something went a little wrong, he might be prompted to compare me with his first marriage partner.

However, if he feels that he cannot break his promise, and that it binds him unconditionally, then it would be better for me to see him less often and have other friends, and meet some fine man who would be eager to give me and my son a home.

I talk things over with my friend; after that I will be able to decide whether I should keep on going with him, or find someone who isn’t bound by a promise not to marry again.

(Screen) Name: Lilibeth




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I love the love storie because I had a similar bad experince

and i believe in true love….

its really a hurting story, mam go on with ur relation ……..becoz u luv him ,n the gud thing is tht he also luvs u a lot

Hi, u are fortunate than me. Your love is recriprocated. Two mts ago, i was falling in love with a married women with one kid and she went out with me for dinner, lunch and karaoke on three occassions. We respect each other and was never intimate as i was also married. then things changed..i wanted to date her out for lunch..and shealways say not free… untill reject me and say that she usually go ur for nice food with husband and wanted to recommend nice food for me ,my wife and family… Gosh what is happening?

Hey, if feel you should go with this relationship if the man is ready to accept you and everything will fall gradually, continue to love him as you always do and there will be no chance for him to compare with. There’s always ups and downs and forgiveness is the only way to solve any matter. I’m single mum with 2 boys and met someone online but he is not financially stable to promise a life for us and I’m not sure if I should go on with this relationship. We love each other so much but not in the right position to be together hence you are still lucky than me. Best wishes..Jess x

i think u should talk about your real thoughts with him, if he really love you, he would understand your thought and make scarifice in order to make u happy, if he wouldn’t, that’s because he is not love u enough, and of course, u will never be happy if u continue to be with him, coz his family are always his top priority.
good luck, hope my advice can help u!

You are one of those commitment girl, but obviously he can’t give you now. Dose his ex tight him? Or just himself who is afraid to be tight to a new marriage. You’d better figure it out. Cause in my view, it’s suspicious. There is a posibility that he is super selfish but disguised as super honest and sincere.

I think if this guy really loves you he will not feel the obligation to fulfill his promise to his ex wife. She is no longer an important part of his life. You are and you should never settle for less. You have your needs as well as he has his. Love should be unconditional as well as reciprocated. You deserve the world. Do not let anyone hold you from that.

Please do not fall for him….
If he is really very sincere, lovable and caring as he sounds to be…he would have been able to keep his first marriage…
Also, if he marries you he’ll be breaking the promise made to his first wife…if a person can break his words once…it can be done any number of times.
You have had the strength to come out of pain form your first relation…may be for the second time also you are strong enough.
Take Care.
I’ll pray for you.

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