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Welcome to the Love Story Blog of Love-Sessions.

Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended.

Hollywood's best movies are love stories! We are eager to read yours or maybe you are just eager to read others.  Maybe one of the producers of Hollywood is reading your story and what a story that would be!

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Just good friends?

Posted on : 01-05-2009 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story, Secret Love

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I was married for 14 years and finally realised the marriage was loveless. We seperated and I started going out again, I was 33. One drunken evening whilst dancing in a club a man grabbed my bottom. I got chatting with him and discovered he was 8 years my junior! I arranged to meet him the following week after exchanging many texts. The problem was that i couldnt remember what he looked like, i walked passed him 4-5 times and then phoned him and asked where he was. He told me he was infront of the hot nuts machine! I met him and thought that he is not my type at all.
But we chatted and continued to meet as friends regularly. However much to my suprise he had already got a girlfriend although they were going through lots of problems. After a period of flirting and chatting he was really getting under my skin.
He left her and then made a move on me, we lasted for approximately 6 weeks and then he decided to go back to her (after persuasion from his family). Over the next few years we would meet for one night and share a loving kiss (however often wanting more but resisting). After that it would be months before we met again. This continued over a period of 6 years.
During this time he was still with his girlfriend (now fiance) and I also had a fiance. But we continued to meet. He was due to get married in February and I was due in August. I was shocked and hurt when i found out he was getting married. I spoke to him and he said that it was expected of him and that he would just have to live with it. I told him that I could not see him again once he was married and he agreed. As a result of him saying he had to ‘live with his decision’, it actually made me stop and think about my own relationship. I was telling Chris he was a fool for marrying her and yet I was being hypocritical. I broke off my engagement.
Chris and I continued to chat and he asked me to help him break off the wedding. I agreed and said I would talk to his mum. He comes from a large irish family and family are very important to him. However about a month before the wedding he told me not to talk to his mum and I respected his decision. I went to the church that day and saw him on his wedding day. That day I decided to move on from Chris.
I saw him about 4 weeks later and got really upset, I was shocked at my feelings, I didnt think I would feel like that and found it hard talking to him. That night we ended up kissing once more. I spoke to a friend about him and said I didnt know how I felt and what I wanted from him. We continued to meet on occasions and then started taking the dogs out together. He told me how his relationship was and I listened. We both wanted each other but resisted once again.
We met one night when his wife was away and we spent the night together, this was the first time in 6 years. It was at this time he realised that it was now or never. He promptly left his wife and started seeing me shortly after.
That was 6 months ago………… I woke up this morning with a big pair of eyes staring at me saying morning princess and telling me how much he loves me and what a wonderful feeling that was. We both agree that if we had stayed together originally that the relationship probably wouldn’t have worked as our relationship would of been built on lust. Instead after 6.5 years we have built a solid foundation of friendship and love. We have a fantastic relationship full of love and laughter. We both now agree that there was always something there but we weren’t sure what it was. We now both know. They say the best things come to those who wait………….It did for us.
I Love You Chris x

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Love the story. I do believe that best things come to those who wait. Hoping that my love story will also be an happy ending.

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