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Loveed eachother like diamonds

Posted on : 13-06-2009 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Lost and Love, Romance Love Story

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It was when i was 12 years that i saw a guy in my class.(lets call him sushil). He was very cute, and i started to fall in love with him. After a 1 month one of his friends came and told me that sushil had a liked me, at first i was very happy, but i was wandering if they were playing a prank on me so i didn’t believe them. But one day sushil came and told me that he liked me alot. I was very happy i was almost going to jump with joy. From then sushil and i were boyfriend & girlfriend. Everyone knew that we were kind of going out. But we weren’t aloud to go on dates. We loved each other more than anything in the whole world. When christmas vacations came and the other holidays we would always go to the auditorium and hug and talk for a long time. It was the best moments of my life. We would not stop saying how much we would miss each other.

When we came back from our vacation sushil and me and my friends told each other how much fun we had. But sushil and me knew that each other missed each other alot. One day the school said that we were going for a picnic to a resort. So sushil and i sat together(obviously) and we didn’t have that much of privacy, but it was fun to hear the jokes that my friends told. when we reached the place sushil, me and our friends were always together. But unfortunately my friend went and broke her leg in that place. So all of my friends were always behind her, even sushil he always kept asking her what she wanted and didn’t care about me. So, i got a bit angry and went some where , where no one find me. But the sushil followed me and we were in that lonely place alone.

While coming back sushil didn’t speak a word to me when i was sitting with him in the bus. Later for valentines day he was the only guy in the whole school to give a girl(me) a card asking me to be his valentine. He was the only guy in the whole. No one in the school would ever do it. It was very nice it had little hearts almost every where. I wanted to hug him there but the teacher was there. Many weeks went by and the exams came. Sushil would come and wait for me outside the class after he finished his exam. Luckily none of the teachers caught him.

The most worst day came the day when school was going to close for summer(it was good becuz we summer was coming, but it was bad bcuz sushil and i wouldn’t see each other for 2 whole months)So just after the exam sushil and i as usual we went to the auditorium and we talked for one hour and hugged each other. His arms around my waist and my hands around his neck. We were like that for almost an hour. We never let go, and suddenly sushil told me that he never liked any girl the way he liked me, and i said the same. And suddenly he leaned forward and kissed me on the my lips. We had our first kiss. I kissed him back. I kissed him on the cheek too.

Summer came and one of the worst summers of my life ever. Its becuz i was talking with sushil’s friends and i wanted to be more of friends with his friend. i told my friend and she thought i had a crush on him, she went and told my bf(sushil) and he got VERY angry and sent a mail saying ‘i hate u’ . I was very sad i called him one day and he said it was ok he would forgive me, i was happy. then one day i went to school for some camp and saw him playing football i went towards him and he started to back off. I asked him if he was still angry and he said ‘yes’ i kept saying sorry but then he said that he didn’t care and he didn’t want to talk to me forever. I was very sad i started crying there only. But one of my friends saw me crying and came and told him that i ditched him.

2 months past and when i went to school again, i saw him and he was avoiding me alot. Suddenly one day he came to me and told me ‘i am very sorry can we be friends again?’ I just said yes and went. But all his friends told me he doesn’t like me any more. I wanted to be friends also but some times i got the fealing that i loved him still.

I don’t know what to do??
should i tell him or not??

I will always love u sushil

love u sushil

(Screen) Name: Sami




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hi sami.. great love’s urs… he ll surely get u back. all the best

Thats a lovley love story!♥

sami? how old are you? if ur too young, dont take it so seriously..if u were really meant for each otehr…wait for the right time..but when the time comes…dont let it pass without doing anything….feel, know and learn how intense ur feeling is for him. goodluck!

tell him that you love him there is never no harm in trying if he doesn’t love you back you can accept it and mive on if not you will stay forever not knowing what may of happened there is a 50/50 chance so give it ago..let me no how it goes.

hi samii ur love story iz kind of lyk mys
teh samthng happan wiv me n ma bf
buh he never loved me n im still yung im onii
12 yearz old sam age as u r if r nw
i hpe u gt ur love 1dai n dn lose him ds tym
if u lose sam1 nw buh im sure derz same1 else fr
u buh dn lose him aswell nyc love story :'(:'(i wish i gt ma gf u lucky ur bf iz ur friend buh myz itz nt:'(:'(

Sami, I have never been in love, but am fine with that, I am 13 years old. What you and Sushil have seems amazing, but boys at such a young age are very unpredictable. I don’t feel that you and Sushil know each other as much as you need to in order to truly love each forever. Your friends seem to be getting in the way of your young love by creating lies and twisting the truth and unfortunatly Sushil believes them and not you. If I were you I would give Sushil a warning: if we doesn’t believe you or support you once more he is not the right one. What you have to know is that you have the rest of your life to find love and that there are many more boys and in the future men that will treat you with the best respect and loyalty. If you have to say adios to Sushil it’s his loss, not yours! Stay strong Sami, you seem likea wonderful beautiful girl and remember any guy would be lucky to have you in their arms.

Hey sami let me tell you something girl i know how it feels to be in love and have your heart broke just take every thing lil by lil and if things are meant to be everything will fall into place.. if u really loves u or cares for u as much as he said that he would forgive u and go back becuz ur worth it. just dnt rush anything and live you life ur young once so dnt spoil ur child hood chasing after a boy..

good luck

it was great reading ur exp.but i will advice u dont let anyone to take u for guarnteed…do well in ur life

First of all you are too young to differentiate between love and infatuation…
But anyways…before thinking of any sincere reply from him just try to analyse that a fellow (who if had really been in love with you) should have trusted you and not your frnd…
But remember…most girls when fall in love they themselves become so busy with their spouse that they don’t have time for any body else…. but not always..
So just take care that when you are committed to someone..you should not hurt him,…not even by mistake…at least for anyone else.
Try to analyse and value your own love..that u shower on special person… Love only if the other one is worth it.

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