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Welcome to the Love Story Blog of Love-Sessions.

Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended.

Hollywood's best movies are love stories! We are eager to read yours or maybe you are just eager to read others.  Maybe one of the producers of Hollywood is reading your story and what a story that would be!

Enjoy our site and we look forward to receive your story!

He’s my New Life

Posted on : 08-08-2009 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story

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After I had a relationship with my last boyfriend who was my long time crush and my ideal guy; i never have time to commit again. I got many crushes but loving another guy was not yet in my mind. My bestfriend and me applied at SM Supermarket as a bagger. There I met many guys who’s very charming but none get stuck with my heart. Until new baggers was hired then, after 2 weeks when we were hired. He was so silent and I used to make fun out of him.He is Christian. Day had passed, another baggers was hired because many were got ended their contracts. His named is Juvelie. He really likes me and got a stolen kiss to me. At first, I really hate what he was doing. Our costumer service personnel noticed what he had done with me. When we had our three days workshop, we got a chance to meet and get closed with some of our batches and the other next to us. We were then very closed. Juvelie always wants to get closed with me. We always stayed in one of our co-employees bording house. Our workshop started at 8am but its not consecutive three days. When we got to work about few minutes before 1pm. I had planned to make him dissapointed with me. I told my friends about it and agreed with me. We saw Christian was just beside us. I asked him to do but I wasn’t really sure if he can make it because he is a shy person. Then, after the plan we started to do anything just to make Juvelie get away from me. Our first plan was not successfull. The more we pretend that we are lovers, the more he likes me. Then, the next thing we do is we stop and let it be. We were so tired to do everything but it seemed nothing to him. There was one night, my last night before my suspension startes due to my lates. Christian and me was sitting on the jeepney. Juvelie was just in front of us. Almost the employees had seen us very closed and sweet. But it was my intention to hold his arms because Juvelie was there staring us. I didn’t know whats on the mind of Christian why he did it. I only noticed it after. He talks like his lips brushes to mine. Of course, i didn’t mind it because we’re just making him jealous.When my suspension starts, i realized that i missed Christian and I dont even think of that. Maybe of what happened. When i came back for work I found out that it was successful. He didn’t want to talk to me like he hates me after what he had seen.He never wants to talk to me. And just gave me a fake smile when i told him i missed him. When Christian and I met our break time, we laughed and I was shocked because he hugged me tight and he told me he missed me. So I told him i misses him more. I just want to be honest with him and with myself. Then i started a huge feeling that i was thinking if i like him. He had a girlfriend and I knew it. Months passed, we became closed and people noticed our sweetness. Ofcourse we allowed them to see us because we’re not a real lovers. They always asked us if we were. We answered them were not. Were just friends but we knew deep inside of us we like each other. When we had to go out, we holds our hands and he always offers his shirst when it rains. He waited outside so we could walk together. People were so confused about us. Then, i told them that I have a feeling for him but im quite sure I dont love him. But Christian denied always that he didn’t like me. He keeps telling them though i was always there that it would never happened that he would court me, love me or be his mistress. He never want to cheat with his girlfriend but I dont know. I was really hurt when I heard him saying it. I told some of my friends to stop asking him about us. Months passed by,we’re more sweeter and he can’t denied his feeling for me. He had shown to us how he felt for me. He got jealous and me too. He didn’t want me to get jealous. It’s like we were a true lovers. I didn’t get him. Then, he admit to my some friends that he likes me too.
When we ended our contract there, we still communicate through cellphone but he’s not replying always. I know he just want to keep texting with his girlfriend only. I was hurt but its okay. I never let him know about it. I just smile and smile to pretend it. One day, I went to supermarket alone. We talked and asked me going out to watch movie. I was not able to answer him. He said,deal or no deal. I keep shut up and smile. I didn’t imagine it. After his work by almost 8pm, we walked through our friends bording house. I had to get one thing there. We missed watching movie because the cinema is until 9pm only. We walked and he kissed me. When we got to her bording house, there outside we were staring. We bid goodbye but we still want each other. I told him i want to hug him because it would be our last met. We hugged so tight but he faces me and kissed me like he didn’t want me to go. Then, he left me. When I got home already,I can’t forget his kiss. I feel like I wanted him more. Few days later he texted me that they split up. I saw his wounds on his hands because he hits the wall. I was pity on him that I realized how much he loves his girlfriend.I gave him advices and he agreed with me. I never hurt anymore and I asked him to share me about his ex. He told me everything. When he is alone, he always wanted me to be with him because he wanted someone to talk too. I wanted so but I just can’t go. He did everything to make his ex back to him but she has another boyfriend. Then, he accept it. He can’t forced his girlfriend because she dont love him anymore. And i was there for him,still give him advices. But what happened is we kissed and he asked me to be his girlfriend. I never answered him. I just told him that he is still hurt and I dont want to commit because he just want me,not love me. He understand me but we keep doing it. He explained to me and what we are to be when i answered him. I just smiled and looked him in the eyes. I feel like he was so sincered by what he is saying.Days passed and he ended up his contract too. The day of their exit interview came, he asked me if we can meet. I told him I wasn’t sure because my mom wont let me. He told me he wants to give me a teddy bear. He keeps waiting me on that day and tommorow he had to go home in his place. It took 2 hours or more,it is far. I would missed him if im not going to met him. Then,i met him with my friends. She left us alone in the bench to talk. He gave me a teddy bear and a big chocolates. He kissed me always in my hands and my forehead. He stoled me a kiss too though many people saw it. He wants me to smile before he got to go. When he has to go,i was really crying and he told me that he would come back as soon as possible. He didn’t want to leave me but he has too. He would be home late. That night, we texted and he told me that he loves me but he just can’t tell me personally. I want to say it personally so he decided that we keep friends only. He send me a message that it made me cry. Then, i told him i love him too. He said that he didn’t want me to be confused. Then we stopped texting. The next day,I text him to ask if where is my boyfriend? He was shocked and keep asking me if I was really his girlfriend already. He was very happy and I was happy too. Finally, i can call him my own. We are both happry right now and misses each other. He would make a way to come back here as soon as possible so we wil have time for each other. I love him so much.

(Screen) Name: Jesse




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