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The Entity

Posted on : 03-10-2009 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Fictional Love Story, Romance Love Story

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The Entity

The Entity sensed life contact for the first time since leaving its barren galaxy several millennia earlier.

Its crystalline, kaleidoscopic, cloudlike ever-changing body glided through space effortlessly at amazing sub-light speeds. It was a tiny nebula in the glorious vastness of outer space.

It had been exploring universes across an immensity of time in search for new life when its sun had cooled, its super massive core weakened and the colossal star had collapsed, exploded and died.

The resulting supernova had destroyed its home planet and laid waste to entire galaxies for billions of miles, leaving it alone and desolated.
The last of its kind.

The Entity was a collective being, a life force of pure energy and intelligence which lived eternally when it lived in the company of other lives.
It didn’t absorb them, but nurtured them and nourished through them. Life on its planet was treasured and honored, variety was embraced and cherished.

It needed other lives to subsist, and the long, solitary journey was challenging to its very existence, weakening it, but most importantly, saddening it.

Grief and loneliness were its enemies, and its agonizingly long search had dulled it, diminishing its powers and ability to regenerate and continue its task.

Now, sensing the presence of other beings somewhere out in the enormity of darkest space, it gathered the desire and the yearning to persevere and to find them, whatever and wherever they were, and its longing for company was strong.

The Entity traveled slowly in contrast with the unending greatness of space, but, being an energy being, it wasn’t subjected to the rules of time and space.
It could jump from point to point, from time to time.

Unfortunately the contact was still too tenuous for it to jump, it needed a stronger point of reference, and it needed to know where to jump. It still didn’t. It would have to be patient and wait to get much closer, but time wasn’t important to The Entity, only life was, all life.

The tendrils of consciousness were becoming stronger titillating The Entity’s senses.
The newfound collective consciousness, it analyzed, was alert and awake, reasoning beings inhabited the approaching planet.

The knowledge alone gave it the energy to jump through space to arrive sooner to the planet which The Entity hoped, would be its new home. The planet’s name was Earth and its beings, humans.

Feelings of love and elation at its discovery threatened to overwhelm it, but it remained patient and approached Earth cautiously. It knew that not all planets and its creatures would recognize it as friendly and could simply fear it.

The Entity listened for high concentrations of humanity and hungrily hastened towards it.
Soon it was close enough to Earth to see it, and it was a splendid blue marble of a planet with magnificently ornate and tightly populated cities. The Entity chose the one city from which the surge of human emotions, ardor and passions was greatest.
New York City.

Entering the Earth’s atmosphere, The Entity felt the flow of human zeal rush through its inner self. It basked happily in the abundance of humanity, glowing almost to sheer phosphorescence in its euphoria.

Thousands of years in excruciating solitude had finally ended and it let itself get carried away by the outpouring of emotions emanating from below.
It glided up, down, spiraling in midair like a beautiful butterfly.

It crisscrossed the air above the extraordinary city at staggering speeds taking in all the information its senses could absorb, fascinated by the beauty, greatness and variety of the living creatures, lustfully recharging its depleted essence in desperate need of companionship.

From the multitude of human emotion, in the miraculous city, The Entity sensed a painfully distraught soul desperately crying for help.

A tormented conscience searching hopelessly for peace but finding only agony. The distressed being was dying, deliberately, by its own hand.
The Entity didn’t know self destruction. Suicide was not an option for beings like it, and it could not comprehend such an ignominious waste of life.

Its glistening form sliced through the air at vertiginous speed searching franticly for the source of the painful wail.
The Entity saw the plummeting body of a human male, plunging from a tall bridge, dropping rapidly towards the concrete surface of a road, and to its doom, fifty yards below.

Without a second to spare The Entity reached the falling man and its bright light engulfed him completely, holding it with all its strength, desiring to stop the fall before it was too late.
It succeeded.

The body stopped its fall and simply floated in midair a mere yard from the cement surface, and The Entity felt the man’s desperation and wept with him, disconsolately, for it could easily sense the unbearable pain of the dying man.

Jack Russo was thirty-seven years old, six foot-one tall and two hundred pounds, he had an athletic body, pale green eyes, crew-cut jet-black hair, a strong square jaw and high cheek bones, epitome of his Italian descent.

He’d lived a life of selfless honesty, honor and strong principles. He respected others and exuded an air of power and self confidence envied by many men and desired by many women.
He’d been extremely popular through high school and college, as a student and an athlete.

He’d been in the US Army and the US Marines, leaving both military branches as a highly decorated officer.
His life had been, maybe not perfect, but without question, outstanding.
Until the Gulf War.

Something had happened to him there that changed his outlook on life itself, and his world had turned grim after that ghastly war.

He left the Marines to join the NYPD (New York City Police Department), where he became a homicide detective, and although he was respected as a police officer, after five years on the force, his private life deteriorated rapidly.

Sometime later, while he was at a local bar drowning his sorrow deep inside a bottle, Rachel had entered his life, seemingly out of nowhere. A Jewish girl, tall and slim, with bright white skin, long, silky coal black hair and eyes so blue, they made the sky covetous, making it all right again and worth living.

And live they did, for six ecstatically love filled years.
They bought a small house in Brooklyn, he stayed with the PD, and Rachel became a college professor teaching social sciences in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
One sunny afternoon, on her way back home from college, along the ocean on I-95, Rachel’s car was sideswiped by an enormous tractor trailer and crushed beyond recognition.

She died on that highway, that afternoon, under a brilliant sunny sky, physically, and Jack Russo died that day too, although his body stayed alive for nearly two more years.
One night, after two full bottles of Cuervo, inebriated beyond human capacity and with a broken heart that wouldn’t heal, he’d walked to the Williamsburg Bridge, climbed over its massive steel structure, and screaming Rachel’s name, he’d jumped into oblivion, seeking the peace and solace of death.

Jack’s heavily intoxicated mind couldn’t accurately understand what had happened after the jump. He’d heard of one’s life flashing in front of their eyes just before death, but he’d never heard of a shinny cloud acting like that before.

He was too drunk and far too distraught to think analytically, and right there, floating in mid-air, surrounded by a glistening, bright, color changing cloud, he passed out.

The Entity couldn’t read minds, but its senses allowed it to turn feelings and emotions into vivid pictures it could clearly understand.
In seconds, Jack’s life blazed through its sensory channels and it knew the reason for his grief.
Most importantly, The Entity knew where Jack lived, and in the middle of the quiet night and the unbelieving stares of the few people still around, who had never seen a floating body surrounded by a glistening cloud before, it took him home.

The Entity learned fast about human habits, and upon entering Jack’s home, it looked for the bedroom, floated the unconscious Jack Russo to the bed and softly deposited him on it.

It remained in contact with the slumbering man in order to learn as much as it could about him and humans in general. The first encounter with a human had been devastatingly sad, and The Entity had lost much of its power having had to deal with grief of such uncontrolled and torrential magnitude.

Jack Russo’s highly intoxicated mind began to dream, expectedly, about Rachel.
Although it was aware of dreams, The Entity didn’t distinctively understand the depth or power of human dreams, and its senses became slightly overloaded by them, and by the distortion of a drunken mind’s delusional realm.
Jack’s dream about Rachel was entirely sexual.
The distorted dreams of an inebriated mind were vast misrepresentations of the realities of life, and The Entity became fully discombobulated. Its colorful kaleidoscopic protoplasmic cloud-like body started to transform into some semblance of human form, and Jack’s distorted vision of Rachel began to take form out of the soft glistening cloud.

The atmospheric density of planet Earth had given it the ability to transform into a solid, humanlike being.
The Entity felt the overwhelming love engulf it, and also strengthen it. It was learning human love making for the first time.

Jack walked into the shower shortly after Rachel and found her all soaped up immersed in steam. The stall was small and they pressed their bodies together and lathered each other while steaming hot water pelted their faces.

They kissed and caressed each other letting excitement and lust conquer them. Jack played and kissed Rachel’s hard nipples while she held his brutal erection in her hands and rubbed her own vagina with his majestic rod.

The Entity’s cloud-like body started to solidify as it felt the erotic emotions emanating from Jack’s love and alcohol intoxicated dream. It could’ve stopped and break contact, but the intensity of the lovemaking dream made it inquisitive for more.

Jack and Rachel played with each other in that steamy shower for sometime, then they rinsed and without drying, they walked to the bed holding each other.
Rachel softly pushed Jack onto the bed on his back and straddled him.

Slowly and deliberately she lowered herself onto his massive erection and let his penis penetrate her hot, wet vagina with total abandonment. His penis reached deep inside her and she craved it. She moved her hips in slow intentional circles that drove them both feral with pleasure and enticing delight.

They changed positions after a while and Jack went on top.
Rachel opened herself entirely to him, allowing him to enter her as deep and hard as he wanted.
He went in as far as his large, rock hard tool permitted him, and both joined in frenzied, hard pounding choreographed sex.

After some time of hard lovemaking, they both reached their exploding ecstatic orgasms simultaneously and still in each other’s arms, fell asleep.

The Entity had never experienced raw lust, love and passion of such an immense scale, and reflexively, had fully transformed into Rachel, and it now understood some of those feelings, having a body for the very first time.
It released Jack and softly and slowly moved around the quiet bedroom trying to adjust to its new shape and consistency.

The Entity knew it could change back to its own form, but being in human form, it now understood Jack’s pain with more clarity.
It calculated that it could stay in Rachel’s form and somehow, save Jack from suicide, and that was its strongest drive.
It also knew that if it stayed in human form it would be immortal no more.

The Entity moved around the tiny house running its new human fingers on everything, feeling and touching for the first time.

Every object it experienced had a different texture and the variety felt immensely alluring to it.
Jack’s intoxicated sleep was light, a lesson learned by years of training and discipline as a soldier and a police officer.

He heard soft sounds inside his house and automatically jumped out of the bed and drew his gun from under it.
Slowly and carefully, he walked out of the bedroom, into the dark living room and towards the muffled sounds coming from the kitchen.

Once there, his heart stopped beating for what it seemed like hours but were mere seconds as he found himself face to face with Rachel, the way she’d looked when they’d just met eight years before.

He stood there in the dark, pointing his gun at her and turned on the light for a better look.
The Entity hadn’t figured out human speech yet, but understood the implications of the surprise encounter, and put up one hand, palm towards Jack as if telling him to stop.

Utterly stunned, Jack Russo dropped the gun, took three tentative steps towards Rachel and without preamble held her tight enough to crack a few ribs. The Entity/Rachel reciprocated and held Jack with similar enthusiasm, while trying rapidly to learn to speak.

“Hi Jack.” It said in a voice that was clearly the wrong one. It had sounded low and gravelly. Jack backed off slightly and looked at her.

It tried again, an octave higher, and the second time it sounded like a musical string instrument being tuned. The voice modulated up and down until it reached the desired tone. Then it said it again, adding a smile that time, which didn‘t work very good either.

“Hi Jack, please don’t be scared.”
“I remember.” Jack said with a voice not unlike The Entity’s first try.
He cleared his still intoxicated throat.
“You saved my life last night, and I’m not scared. You wouldn’t have saved me to kill me later. Who are you, what are you?”
Without giving it enough time to answer he said, “I remember a bright cloud engulfing me, you brought me home…” He let the statement unfinished.

The Entity asked Jack to sit at the small coffee table surrounded by four chairs in the small kitchen, it sat down facing him across the table and tried to explain the best it could.

Long minutes passed while it explained to Jack what it was, where it came from and what had happened to its home.
Jack held his face in his hands and listened with a mixture of awe, fascination and disbelief.

“As you obviously have noticed, I’m not quite fully human, yet.”
The last word gave Jack a sudden chill.
“Yet,” he repeated back.
“Yes, I can adapt and become human just like you, although I didn’t know that until now, but there’s a price to pay, for both of us.”

Rachel’s voice had become soft and clear and Jack’s mind, still partly inebriated, struggled to accept and to understand what was happening before him.
He wasn’t a religious man or a believer, but he’d heard someplace that if you wanted a miracle to disappear, all you had to do was question it.

He desperately wanted Rachel back, and was ready to do just about anything to keep this beautiful apparition there, with him, forever.

With his memory still very much aware of his unsuccessful suicide attempt just hours before, he said in a heavy voice,
“If you give me Rachel back, I’ll do anything you ask.”
The Entity/Rachel smiled, right this time, and it felt good.

“You misunderstand Jack Russo, I don’t ask anything of you, except that if I stay with you, as a human, and become mortal, like you, that you will stay with me and not try to die. I will need your life force to stay alive. If you die, I die. That’s the price.”

In the quiet, warm summer night, Jack felt the hair in the back of his neck stand on end. He walked around the small table and hesitantly took Rachel’s hand in his, still somewhat unsure and apprehensive, knowing that this was an alien being, but having been ready to die just hours before, he really didn’t care all that much.
This being in front of him was Rachel and he wanted her to stay. Whatever the price.
Loyalty for love didn’t seem like a bad trade.

Rachel allowed Jack to touch and feel, freely, and even helped him. Remembering Jack’s erotic and euphoric dream, she stood up, approached him, slowly, and kissed him softly on his lips, remaining there a few seconds.
Jack embraced her and kissed her back just as softly. Looked into her beautiful blue eyes and told her, “I missed you babe, welcome home.”

Jack and Rachel moved away from New York City to a log cabin in a mountain range somewhere in Idaho where they lived and loved each other intensely for forty-seven years.

One sunny summer afternoon, under an impossibly bright blue sky, Jack died, at the age of eighty-four.
Rachel took him to a small cavern in the mountain, where they’d agreed he would be interred, and holding his hand, The Entity died too, crossing that final threshold into the unknown with him.

Jack Russo woke up feeling the bitter bite of intense cold. It was comforting and welcome. He opened his eyes, only they weren’t eyes but senses.

He saw that he was a glistening cloud-like entity floating in the vastnesses of outer space. Earth was a splendid blue marble of a planet, with magnificently ornate and tightly populated cities shinning far in the distance and rapidly growing smaller.

But he wasn’t alone there. Gliding smoothly next to him there was another colorful little shape-changing cloud like himself and he could sense the warmth and love flowing freely, rich and profuse between them.

Their crystalline, kaleidoscopic, cloudlike ever-changing bodies glided through space effortlessly at amazing sub-light speeds. They were two tiny nebulas in the glorious vastness of outer space.
No longer the last of their kind.

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