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The beating wasnt so bad…but his hand with her’s…was heartbreaking

Posted on : 06-01-2010 | By : manu831raj | In : Romance Love Story

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Do you think that it’s okay for someone to be punished just because they love someone? Well my parents think that it is okay to punish someone just because they love somebody. Yesterday morning was another normal morning. Everything was going great until my dad saw me getting out of my husband’s car to go to my school. This is when things everything fell apart. As i was gettin out of the car, my dad drives by. I could see his eyes turn red with anger as he speeds his car away. I ran to school, and i asked my teacher if i could make a phone call to my mom and she said yes. I went to the main office and dialed his number instead of my moms’. When i called him, we made a plan that he is going to get a friend from college to sit with him in the car and pretened that he already has a girlfriend. Doing this, will make it look like i just got a ride from him…and that he’s not my boyfriend. Jasmine agreeed to help us so we decide on the following plan. When i go home and my parents ask me why i was with “that” boy, i will just tell them that i am friends with this girl that goes to my high school(who wud be jasmine) and “that” boy is her boyfriend. I wud also tell them that i missed my bus so jasmine and her boyfriend gave me a ride to school. That is what our plan was….although it turned out totally different when i got home. When i reached home, my parents weren’t home..thank goddness to that. Right then i called raj (gurwinder’s nickname..i only call him that) and we started talking until ravneet, my sister told me what my dad had told her about me. Ravneet had an early dissmissal from her school because of conferences. Ravneet told me that our dad said, that he’s going to beat the crap out of me and i will probably be sent to india forever. She also explained how my dad had seen me with raj in the past few days. I was in shock…and i was scared to know that the plan that we made wasn’t going to work. Too many questions raced through my mind at that time….i didn’t kno what to do…but to cry. I kept my feelings inside and i didn’t cry because raj and i had came up with a different plan. When my mom and dad reached home, my mom took me to her bedroom. She locked the door and slaped me so hard on my face. She said that i disrespected our religion and her trust. She kept on slapping me till my dad came into the room. He was furious with anger built up inside of him. He came up to me and slaped me. I faced him, asking him to just listen to me for one second so that i can explain to him what was really going on. But he didn’t listen to me…instead he pushed me onto the hard wooden floor and kicked me with his bulky shoes. I felt pain for the first few minutes, but he continued for about 10 minutes. He cursed at me….told me i was going to be sent to india forever. After a few minutes i just sat there on the floor, waiting to be hit again. I tried to defend myself by putting my two hands around my head….it didn’t work. After all i’am only 14. After my dad was done beating me, i got up and i told him that the only reason that i was in his car was because of jasmine, his girlfriend and my friend. I also told him that i missed my bus so i was walking and they asked me if i needed a ride and i said yes to them. I also told him that sometimes i didn’t get on the bus, instead i took rides from raj and his girlfriend. He said okay..lemme talk to his girlfriend. And so i called her on the number that raj gave to me. When i called, i was crying and i told her to talk to my dad. My dad started to talk to her…he asked her if whatever i told him was true. And obviously she was going to say, yes we do give her rides once in while and that raj is really my boyfriend, not manpreet’s. After my dad was done talking to jasmine, raj took the phone and started to talk to my dad. As soon as my dad heard his voice, he started to curse at him like crazy, half in our language and the other half in english. haha it was kinda funny now that it’s all over lol…im a retarted person…u’ll kno wat i mean as i write more entries. Anywaysz continuing on with my story…so after my dad was done talking to raj and jasmine, my mom took my dad downstairs. They both went downstairs and discussed how to solve this problem. After a few minutes my mom came upstairs and i told her that mom please believe me. She said that she only believes in half of my story and that she will believe me fullly once raj and his (fake) girlfriend comes to our house to show my parents that they really are girlfriend and boyfriend. So my mom called raj and told him that if you arent going to come to our house with ur girlfriend then we will think that manpreet truly is your girlfriend. So raj brought jasmine to our house after 1 and half hour. Right before raj and jasmine reached my house, my dad left to get my baby brother’s diapers. (lol so random…i kno). My mom and i went outside to talk to raj and jasmine. I really didn’t say anything, but raj did most of the talking. He explained how this girl (jasmine) is his girlfriend and not me. He also told her that they did give me rides to school but they wont any more. My mom said that it’s fine and she let it go. Thank god my dad wasn’t there…he’d probabaly slap him …and that would hurt me more than anything. Before jasmine and raj were about to leave i noticed that raj and jasmine were holding hands. They only did this to show my mom that they both were really girlfriend and boyfriend. Being kicked all over for 10 mins and crying for god knows how long, the thing that was most painfull was not any of the things that happened to me but instead was to see his hand with her hand…..even though it was just ment to be a way to convince mom..it still hurted me from deep within. My blood started to rush to my face, burning me from the inside. I wanted to go up to raj an force him to let go of her hand but i knew that he couldnt think of another girl as anything more than a sister. It still burned me from the inside to see him holding another girl’s hand, but i had to face the truth that he had to do it…..for the sake of our love.

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