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I know he was using me but i really loved him

Posted on : 26-04-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story

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Hey i am 14 now,lebanese and i met this guy last year at school.His name is Elie Sarrouf and he’s bigger than me(his b’day is in February and mine is in April).He is so cute,tall and very funny.I had i crush on him months ago but i didnt say a word.I met him at class but the few first months we didnt really talk but my bestfriend introduce me 2 him.I guess it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!I told my bestfriend that i might like him(i was lying,i knew that i LOVE him)but she told him:(.I was so angry and jealous cz ma bestf and him always sat next 2 eachother(the principal indicates where we should sit).I used to see them laughing all the time and i was really jealous!
One day we went 2 the library and we had to do a project so he came and sate next to me and all that time his hand didnt leave my leg and when we watched a movie the same day he sate next to me and put hia arm around my back.My heart was beating so fast and i felt his hand on my leg for the next two days.I asked a BOYfriend that i knew for 10 years and he told me that i should ask Elie why he did so.So when we were leaving i asked him why you touched me?He said that it was just for fun!I didnt believe him(i dont know why).
After like a month,we sate next to each other in class and everytime he touched me i hit him.
Last week the same thing happened in the library when we had a research about Hitler.
I had a dream about us kissing at his house and having sex but when i told my bestfriend about it she said OMG!!!!!!
I really really love him but im just hiding it now.What should i do next?

(Screen) Name: Tamara




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I think your too young for that kind of dreams but anyways your infatuated, so, i don’t blame you for that. well I did experienced that dreaming part with someone i barely know and which obviously I had a crush on. I can’t recommend that you do the same but what I did that time, I focused on getting close to him. And I did, we were friends without any clue that I had a thing for him. it was up into the point that he got very comfortable telling and sharing everything he did and does all the time and eventually had fallen for me. I thought it was a good thing as I expected it to be. But in the process of getting to know him I’ve realized that he’s not worth it. I even tried to prove it to myself. well, you can laugh about this but I did initiate our first kiss and didn’t felt the spark. so that kiss made it more complicated. I was misinterpreted, but we’ve already talked about it and now were super friends. And agreed that if ever there will be fireworks for us soon then we’ll give it a shot. Anyway, I’m already 22..and it happened last year.. so, I hope it’ll be a happy ending for.. 😛

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