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The day he’ll notice.

Posted on : 08-07-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story, Secret Love

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The end of grade 8 was coming. I was excited yet sad. It has been one of the most stressfree years ever for me. No drama! Woot to that. I’ve never been in a relationship before so I don’t know much about love but I have had crushes. I always questioned love. How would you know you were in love? Well there’s this guy I’ve known for 4 years and I’ve always, I mean ALWAYS bullied and hated on him. I mean we’ve been in the same class until grade 8 and I never felt any change. All the girls, I mean ALL the girls loved him. He was super athletic, soo atheletic that he thought it was bad when he got a bronze medal! I mean he was the only guy from our grade who got a medal. He was smart. I study all the time but only make it into the 80s. He never studies and he gets a mark higher then me. He’s good-looking. Sooo many girls fell for him because of his looks. He’s popular. His girlfriend is almost 20 though he just turned 14! I am NOT joking, I’m utterly serious. Maybe this is why I’ve always hated him. He’s got it all. Or maybe it’s because he’s cheated on my best friend and then after cheated on my other friend. But recently I’ve been growing feelings for him. I don’t even know why. I mean I’ve hated this guy for almost 4 years. How can I sprout feelings from hate? My mind, heart and soul don’t agree with it. I mean I’m always telling myself, who cares about him? He’s an idiot, cheater and liar who only has a huge ego. But then I start loving those parts of him. Maybe it’s God? I mean I only started looking at him after I had this dream about him. It’s weird. I dream of a romance created by God. I want complete destiny. Anything can be destiny though that’s the problem. I changed after I started looking at him. I’ve been wanting to be prettier just so he can look at me. I’ve been acting cuter so I can talk to him. I’ve been going against my will so I can fit in with him. I know I will NEVER tell him I like him so that’s why all the little things I change about myself is so he’ll notice just a little. And maybe the last day of next year, he’ll finally notice but maybe it’ll be too late.

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