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Welcome to the Love Story Blog of Love-Sessions.

Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended.

Hollywood's best movies are love stories! We are eager to read yours or maybe you are just eager to read others.  Maybe one of the producers of Hollywood is reading your story and what a story that would be!

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You’r My Girl

Posted on : 10-09-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story, Secret Love

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I met this guy about thirteen years ago,he was a friend of the guy I was dating at the time, I remember that day like it was yesterday, he was the kinda guy who loved to hug a female, the real ladies man bad guy you see on romance thrillers, and when he hugged me I took in a deep breath and his cologne smelled so yummy on him, I was instantly in love with this guy. Well over the next 5 years I was hooked on that cologne he wore, aspen, I bought a bottle of it once and just smelled it once in a while an every time it would bring that one moment back, in short I NEVER forgot bout him. And now that I really think about it I was kinda obsessed with this guy.oh well.

I was pregnant the next time I saw him. I was leaving the movie store as he was leaving the auto store and he saw me an called out my name, I melted inside my heart felt like it had stopped beating all because he had remembered me even after all those years, he of coursed gave me a hug and sure enough he was still wearing aspen. He asked how I had been an he seen I was pregnant but he didn’t turn and run like most guys would have. he told me it was his baby and he was my man, he was joking of course at least I thought he was. We talked for maybe five minutes and went our own way. I had falling in love with him even more after that. I knew where he lived and every time I was going that way I would look over to his house just to see if he was around I never had the guts to go up there an ask for him, But now I wish I would have maybe it would be different, well ill never know.

Six years later I was dating a guy who was pretty much nothing but a bum, well before I knew he was like that I had tried getting up with him…1st clue to him being a bum.I had sent a text to the last number he had called me from asking if they knew where he was ..the person text back saying no I don’t this is not his phone. I text and said ok well if you do see him tell him to get up with me cause I wanna see him.they text back with I’m only like ten minutes away come see me. I text back saying who are you.and sure enough by some kinda faith out there in this world it was him the guy who wore aspen. I was in shock he had finally come back in my life and this time he was not getting away that easy. I told him who I was and he still remembered me.He came over that weekend.

We started dating a week later and I was so in love and yet for some reason I was scared out of my mind of this guy maybe because he did mean so much to me. I worried about all the usual stuff like lying and cheating because every guy I had been with before lied or cheated or something just as hurtful. I started drifting away from him after about three weeks because I got so scared I would be hurt by him. I was going to the country club and dancing with this other guy, until one night he decided he was going to show up at that club to find me, I was standing there with the guys arm around my waist when I felt someone tap on my right shoulder I turned around thinking maybe it was my aunt whom I was there with but to my surprise it was my aspen man and I instantly felt pain in my heart for what I had been doing to him. I fell in to his arms and I remember his exact words ” You’r still my girl right?” and never went back to that place or seen that guy I was with…I never cheated on him in a sexual way but to this day I regret those dances. But I never doubted him again.

I was hurt by someone I was living with about 2 months after that night and I was scared to tell him because I did not know what he would do to this person an I did not want to see him taken away from me over someone who means nothing, but that next day he knew something was not right and he just stayed silent most of the day. That night he called me and he told me he knew something was bothering me and he wanted to know. so I told him and I told him why I did not want to tell him. He was upset that I did not tell him but he understood why. The next day when he came to get me to ride around with him, witch is mostly what we ever did at that time just to be alone, the person that had hurt me was out side in the yard and my man never once looked at the guy. I moved out of that place that following weekend…but the twist is I moved in with my ex and his girl friend and mine an my exes son. Needless to say he did not like that very much but I told him that me an my ex are over and that he was all I wanted. He finally got to know my ex and he was not 100% ok with it but he tolerated it only because he knew I was safe, I was safe because he was with me all the time the only time we where apart was when he was working.I remember when he was working and I was home I was sad I missed him like crazy sometimes I would cry.I worried about him all the time unless I was with him he was all I had and that’s the truth.me an my family did not talk ,my ex had moved out of state an took my son with him all because he knew I was having a hard time getting on my feet he really screwed me when he took my son from me , but anyways this story has nothing to do with that.but yes he was all I had and I needed him more than anything when my ex did leave my man moved in completely.

We grew stronger than ever i mean we did have two arguments over small stuff. I started to realize how much he loved me when I would look in his eyes I saw the love he had for me I can honestly say we had a fairy tale love and I always worried about waking up from the dream I was having because it felt so unreal but it was the best feeling to have. I remember going to his moms one day when he was working on her car for her and he walked away for a few and his mom looked at me and said ” he must really love you. He never brought one of his girlfriends home before, and he talks about you all the time.” and when she told me that i did not think it was possible but I fell even more in love with this man.

When he would take me to meet his friends an hang out he always would introduce me as his girl but the way he would say it was so sweet it did not matter who was around who we where talking to he always said ” this is my girl ____.. Isn’t she beautiful?” or it would be isn’t she great or sexy or something like that all the time. He knew how to make me melt. Also when we would go hang out if I wanted anything or needed anything he was right there no matter what him and his friends where up to. When he was driving he always had one hand on my leg or holding my hand. He was the greatest man I had ever known. we had developed a routine everyday, wake up spend about an hour together in bed or more, take a shower, he would get ready for work or what ever we where doing that day, but as he would back out the drive he would blow me a kiss and before he got to the end of the road he would look back wave an blow a kiss every time he had to leave me home. and when it would get close to the time for him to come home I was sitting on the couch waiting an watching out the window for him and when he pulled in the drive I felt relived,you see I did not have a phone with me during the times he was gone so I worried a lot about him. I never wanted to loose him.

We dated close to four months not long at all but it was the greatest four months of my life he was my king he meant the world to me I believe I could have killed for him if I had to but there was always that fear in the back of my mind of loosing him not to someone else but to the world. One day we got up had a great morning he left to go to work and when it got time for him to come home he never showed, at first I figured he worked late some times he did, but when night time rolled around and he never showed I got scared I cried all night my room mate tried to help but all she did was drive me nuts I needed my man where was he is he dead did he just not want to come back what was going on? I had no car no phone no money he had all that with him when he left. I finally fell asleep about five a.m. the next morning and got woke up at six a.m someone was at the door i jumped up to get it an it was his friend there to tell me he had gotten locked up.I wont say why he got locked up.

But my biggest fear was now real I knew I had lost him he was not coming back for a long time from what every one was telling me.I started talking to my family finally so when he was taken from me I went to my moms I could not be in that house with out him I cried every night my thanksgiving was horrible I wanted to die plain an simple.

I had not heard from him or anything about what was going on all I knew was he was locked up and was in a lot of trouble. I contacted on of his friends I thought might would know more about what was going on but he knew nothing. after two weeks of not having him I was not myself, I guess you could say, yeah I had my family back but my other half was gone and I was lost..but any ways his friend started talking to me feeding me lines knowing I was not in my right mind, we talked for a few weeks and had me convinced I did not need the guy I was with that he could do more for me and he liked me and I hate to say it but I fell for it and the day he came to see me I thought I had feelings for him I thought maybe just maybe he was the one to make me happy again. as we sat on the couch at my moms house talking, the phone rang, I answered and it was my roommate. she said “Guess who I’m standing here with?’ then I hear “you’r still my girl right?”…I did not know what to do, here I am in my moms living room, with not just any other guy but my guys friend and my guy who was now out of jail some how on the phone.

I did something I regret after that.on December 1st I left the man of my dreams for a fake liar who dose nothing but hurt me, not physically but emotionally. everyday is hard my life sucks and I hate it but I cant change it just yet. I do care a little about the friend and I know he cares about me its just he is spoiled and thinks its all about him all the time.I have been with him for almost nine months now but I don’t do it for me I don’t do it for him I do it for my son because right now he needs a stable home.

And every morning I wake up, I think about my love and what we had and how much I miss him and I wounder what he is up to as I read the text message he sends me every morning.I love you sweetheart always an forever and I promise one day we will be together again you are the only one I need YOU ARE MY GIRL.

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