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Welcome to the Love Story Blog of Love-Sessions.

Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended.

Hollywood's best movies are love stories! We are eager to read yours or maybe you are just eager to read others.  Maybe one of the producers of Hollywood is reading your story and what a story that would be!

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My love from 12 to 21

Posted on : 07-01-2012 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : First Love, Romance Love Story



I’ve always wanted to tell my love story to someone, maybe you will take interest in it?

I was in the city BHUJ,Gujrat in India , I was in 7th class, and this would have been about eight and half years before my brother had taken admission into college and moved into the hostel. My father was posted to another state. I was alone at home with my mother. Things got a little bit interesting when a beautiful girl had come as my neighbour, in front of my home. she took addmission in my class but in different section. I remember she had an older brother. I was shy with girls so i just a kept normal friendship, i used to play most of the time. She would tease me so I would scold her in return. She would just bow her head down; and listen quietly to what I had to say, she would apologize to me afterwards; this would happen often.

In 2001, for me, one of the most important events took place on the New Year. My brother had given me a diary as a gift, and from the 1st January I had started writing daily entries in it. I was so young; so i just wrote everything exactly as it happened. On the 26th January of that year, an earthquake came over our city, it was a serious disaster and we were left with nothing; as all our homes were damaged. From here the story really begins for me. Her father had bought a tent, my mother and I had shifted in with her family. The real fun began between us; we were together for almost all of 24 hours, with no study; our local school had been closed. We would just have fun frolicking around. I had written in detail about the earthquake; very neatly in my diary. For three months i just had a great time, having no study, you would find me just roaming around our area. She was getting very close to me at this stage, but at that time we were so young so I never took our friendship seriously.

It soon came the time for our separation. Two or three days before i had left, a fight had taken place between us. We went from spending hours together, to suddenly not talking to each other anymore. My luggage was loading on the truck as I waited for her to say sorry, but I knew she was at home waiting for me to come to her but I couldn’t. The truck had started up and was on its way. We were separated just like that; both saying nothing to each other. Mobile phones were not in fashion at that time, so i had no contact with her. I continued to write in my diary for another month, though after that I decided to stop using it as I realised that without her, I felt that there was nothing important to write about, the last pages of my diary i kept blank.

Many years went by, sometimes i would read back to that part in my diary, how I felt bad why i didn’t say sorry to her, or why i had left her like that. Maybe we were too young to have feelings, but I know that i was the one responsible for what had happened the day I left. She was always on my mind, even after so many years I still think about her. I think my dairy is responsible for that, but this does not mean that i was mad at her. Many girls came into my life after that and i was searching for her in every girl i met; no one was like her. I had joined college and connected to the world of internet. In India facebook nd orkut are famous blogging site and so i joined it, in hopes of finding her. After so many years I had decided to search for her, however possible.

In October, 2008 i had found her brother; now he is doing job. We chatted together and he was happy to meet me. He told me that i was too much special a guy for their family. I asked about his sister, but he showed no interest in telling me about her; so i did not force him. Six months had past and I had seen her’s account on her brother’s profile and sent friend’s request, but even better, she had called me – getting my number off her brother. Our first talk went for about three hours. It was my first time talking to a girl for that long and we were on our mobile phones. I told her about the diary, and she said she remembered me writing in it. She said she remembered only few things, but i remembered everything because of the diary that I had kept. She told me she cried much when i left her; that she had decided not to become too friendly with guys again.

She told me it was the happiest moment her life to talk to me again, after such a long time. She couldn’t imagine that i could ever reach her again. I continued to talk to her on the phone for a month, we would talk almost daily on our mobiles. I felt i was in love with her, so i had proposed, but she began saying that she respects my love, but she did not love me like that and that she will marry to whom her parents tell her to. After hearing this I had asked her to not call me anymore. But she couldn’t help it, she continued to call me, and she told me that she would get stressed when we didn’t talk together, so we continued to talk. I tried to tell her that its love, but she still says its friendship. The same situation is still going on; i just talk when she asks me to. But I have decided to not show my love for her and to just try to be her good friend.

I don’t know what will happen in the future, will she ever love me?
this is the story till sept 2009,,,
now i am updating this story on oct 2011,that i still love this gal..and things change a lot between these years. i got depressed in love of her. and admitted in hospital for 1 month. then i left stuidies for one year. During this one year i collect things which are appropriate. And after one i joined to college again. Things were changed a lot. People had changed ther attitudes towards me. I came to know about this real world truth. But even after all this is in my mind like always. Althugh she had left talking to me in oct 2009. I came to about a hidden truth to get success,
that is “the secret” you may read this book availbale in internet freely.
THE SECRET BY Rhonda Bryne. and my life starts changing after that. I started enjoying life again. One day the Gal called me asking to forget her. I talked her friendly. and now i waiting for her next call.
tell me how do you feel like about my future?

(Screen) Name: praveen gupta




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