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An angel brought us together

Posted on : 20-09-2012 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story

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For privacy reasons, I am going to use fake names. My current girlfriend’s name will be babe and the mutual friend will be angel

After being dumped by my ex girlfriend who said “You are too nice of a guy”, I was heartbroken and hopeless. Months have passed and I was out of control meaning partying nonstop and trying to get the relationship off my mind. On memorial weekend 2012, I went to Las Vegas where I met the love of my life through a mutual friend. I met babe in Las Vegas of all places. At first, we were just friends and didn’t know a thing about each other.

As a month passed by, I met babe again in Vegas through our mutual guy friend angel. It was EDC weekend and us 3 partied with a bigger group of friends. Babe and I talked but never had feelings for one another even though I thought she was attractive however she thought I was too young for her. We all had a blast EDC weekend and I ended up getting her number then and contacted her through text messaging.

During the summer, I traveled to Thailand with family. Babe and I texted nearly everyday during the month I was overseas. At this point, I was cautious of liking any woman or being in a relationship. We both kept or relationship on a friendly level.

When I came back from my trip, I needed to catch up with her in person, so I drove almost an hour away just to see her since she lives far. During the time babe and I tried to get to know each other I always went back to talk to my friend angel about how she felt about me since she thought I was too young. Angel told me “don’t give up” and I will never forget he always gave me confidence and strength to keep on talking to babe.

As babe and I went on our second day out, she gave me a kiss right after I dropped her off at her house. That kiss made me feel that inner connection between us that I have never felt before. Right then and there, I knew this was something special. Not too long after, we told our friend Angel we are officially dating!

A few nights later, Angel, a group of friends, and I went to a concert in LA. Angel was happy for babe and I. Angel said he knew I was a great guy for her and babe was a great woman for me. I couldn’t thank Angel enough for bringing babe and I together.

About a few days after babe and I were dating, Angel, Babe, a few friends of ours, and I were enjoying ourselves with a night of clubbing. That would be the last night babe and I would ever see Angel again.

Two nights later, Angel died in a DUI car accident. Babe and I couldn’t believe it. Angel was one of Babe’s best friends and he was one of my more trusted and beloved friends.

Suffering through so much grief, Babe and I tried to pull ourselves to together and stay strong. We believe Angel brought us together for a reason. Before Babe and I knew each other, Angel knew we were both hopeless romantics perfect for one another.

Till this day, we call Angel our “Cupid” and “Angel” watching over us as Babe and my relationship has bloomed so quickly and grown so deeply in love with one another. Angel was our savior. Babe and I wished that only if he was here to see our relationship grow as great as it has been even with him still here. We can’t thank him enough.

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