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Who does he like?

Posted on : 30-10-2012 | By : Kit Kat | In : Romance Love Story

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There was this boy named Jordan who came to my school to shadow in fifth grade. Right away I liked him and hoped he came to my school. He did.

Jordan was a bit childlike but I liked him for that. He was witty and funny with a big mouth.

Once in sixth grade (my school is tiny, 300 kids) when I was at science, Morrison asked my brother (at least this is what he told me),
“Who does Katherine like?” My brother, (god why didn’t you just shut up) began ticking down the list of all the boys until he got to Jordan. Morrison immediately said,
“Aha! Katherine likes Jordan!” When I got back from science, my friend Nick (whom I told about my other crush) asked me if I liked Jordan. I mumbled some cuss words and said,
“Kinda.” And that was that. Jordan heard everything, and he knew I liked him. It was a bit hard to talk to him after that, but I managed.

As we got to seventh grade, a new girl named Melody came to my school. She was on the pretty side and blond. Now, I’ve been trying to get over Jordan, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. Also, my BFF has a crush on him. Only four people (including my brother…long story) knows I like him. So Melody asked Jordan out, and I was glad to hear that he said no.

Jordan is…unpredictable. He has a very big mouth and he talks a lot (most of the stuff he says is bs) and it is impossible to tell who he likes. None of the “secret signs” applies to him. He’s on a totally different scale, needing a totally different guide to read.

But now I’m worried…he’s cute, yes, and he has a lot of admirers. Who does he like?

(Screen) Name: Kit Kat




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