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My sweet little step-sister Josie

Posted on : 22-05-2013 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story

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Chapter one: (Life on the Ranch)

My name is Tim; I am twenty five years old, six feet tall, weigh two hundred pounds and am in good physical shape and I exercise every day. My face is a light tan color with blue eyes and dark brown hair. Girls often tell me that my most attractive features are my eyes and my firm cowboy butt. This is a story about my life growing up with Josie. We were raised on a ranch in the beautiful rolling foothills of the Rocky Mountains near Calgary Alberta Canada.
My biological parents died when I was too young to remember them and I was adopted and raised by a loving couple that owned the ranch I am writing about where this story all takes place.
They are really great and loving parents and treat me like their own child. Dad is white Caucasian and has lived her since he was little, mom is Latina but she was born in Canada and has been in this area her whole life
I lived on the ranch alone with my parents until just after my seventh birthday, when my step sister Josie was born. She just turned eighteen this spring, and has grown into the most beautiful and sexy girl that I have ever seen, she looks very much like she is full Latina, but she is half white because of her dad.
I started riding horses when I was two years old and learned all about ranch work and riding horses on that ranch. I learned how to rope steers and chase cows by the time I was five. I really loved life on the ranch, there was always something fun and exciting to do.
When I turned sixteen I found myself starting to think more and more about girls. One day I saw a flier that mom had left on the kitchen table advertising dance lessons and I had herd somewhere that girls love to dance, so next day I drove into town and signed up for that.
They were teaching the Texas two-step and that was perfect because most of the girls in that area were cow girls so they would all like that type of dancing. The instructor said that I was a natural when it came to dancing and I learned how to two-step very quickly and got really good at it.
I went to all the dances that were going on in that area and most of the girls wanted to dance with me because they said I was a great dancer and could make them feel like they were floating on air as we danced together.
By the time I was eighteen I was really into girls and wanted to do more with them than just dance and the next time I was at a dance I saw a pretty little sixteen year old girl there that really liked me, so I asked her to dance.
After we danced together for a while she was really starting to come on to me so I took her by the hand and led her out the back door to my pickup where we started kissing and holding each other close all the while exploring each others bodies.
By this time we really wanted each other so it was no problem for her when I started to take of her clothes. Before long we were making love on the seat of my truck and we both came very quickly because it was the first time for both of us, afterwards we just sat close together cuddling and talking for the rest of the night till the sun started to come up. I drove her back to her house and dropped her of and on the way home I was thinking about her and how great it felt to have sex for the first time.
Over the next five years I dated quite a few girls and had sex with most of them but it never really felt like any of them were what I really wanted till one day at a wedding dance.
I was twenty three that year and met a really sweet eighteen year old girl that had just gotten married.
She was still a virgin and her new husband was drinking with his friends as her and I danced together and started to get to know each other. We really started liking each other and later that night her husband passed out in their room before they could even make love, so she came over to my room still a virgin.
That night I made love to her and we started to have a secret affair that lasted all summer and we both cared about each other very much but she said she could not leave her husband because to all her family and friends marriage is forever, so we decided it was best if we did not see each other anymore. That was two years ago and the first time that I had really cared about a girl.
I started working in the oil patch when I was around fifteen and have been doing that ever since. I started out just working in the summer months and going to school the rest of the year but when I turned eighteen I started to work full time and now I am consulting for Shell.
I always come home to the ranch whenever I am of work for break-up or if I finished the job that I am on.
I made a lot of money working in the oil patch so three years ago I decided to spend some of it on a small two seat airplane because ever since I was young I wanted to fly.
Also that same summer I wanted to have my own place, so together with the help of my dad and a couple of friends we built a log cabin at the end of a meadow about a mile from the main ranch house and now that is my home whenever I am not at work.
The year after we built the cabin, we made an airstrip for my plane that was rite near my cabin.

Chapter Two: (Sweet little Josie)

Ever since Josie was old enough to walk and whenever I came home from school or work she would always find me and want to hang out with me.
She was a really cute and sweet little girl and I just loved to have her around, watching me as I did things and her asking me all kinds of questions. It got to be after awhile that I liked having her around so much that whenever I came home I would always find her just so we could hang out together
When Josie was two, I took her with me to the horse corral and started teaching her how to ride a horse; it did not take very long she was doing really good at riding and when I went out to do my work she would ride along with me.
A couple of years later I took her fishing with me and taught her how to cast a line out into the stream, she would always hold onto my hand as we walked along the trail to the creek and back home again. She was always happy and talked a lot but I never got tired of listening to her.
When Josie was sixteen I taught her how to dance the two-step and most of the time after that she would go to the dances with me and we would dance together, it always felt so good to have her in my arms whenever we danced together. Josie told me that she loved the two-step because she could be so close in the guy’s arms when she was dancing with him.
Thinking back on it now I don’t remember ever seeing her dance with anyone else but me, I never gave it much thought at the time
I spent a couple of months in Lloydminster Alberta getting my private pilots license and May first 2011 I flew home in my new Taylorcraft and a brand new private pilots license.
I remember that day like it was yesterday, it was Josie’s birthday and I had called her earlier that day and told her that when I got home I would take her flying for a birthday present.
When I landed at home Josie came running out to meet me, she was so excited and happy that almost before I got stopped she had the passenger door open and was climbing in.
I had not seen her since just after Christmas which was four months earlier because I had been away getting my pilots licence that whole time.
She had just turned sixteen and it seemed like she changed from a sweet little girl to an absolutely amazingly beautiful and sexy young woman since the last time I saw her.
She was dressed in a tight little pink t shirt and a pair of tight fitting Wrangler blue jeans that showed of her well developed full firm breasts, her sexy little belly and her tight little ass that was fully filled out and pear shaped like a young women. Her legs were perfectly tapered up to her bum and her long wavy brown hair was cascading down her back almost to her bum. Her beautiful blue eyes were sparkling now from her excitement at getting to go up in the air for the first time in her life. This was the first time that I had noticed her as anything more than my sister.
Josie was so very excited to be up in the sky with me as we flew around the ranch and all around in the mountains and foothills looking at everything, after we landed she gave me a big hug and thanked me for the wonderful flight and birthday present. When she hugged me I could feel her breasts pressing into my chest and it was really getting me turned on to have this sweet sexy little girl in my arms like that.
She then turned and started running back to the main ranch house. I watched her till she disappeared into the house, what a beautiful site she was, her long wavy brown hair was bouncing along and her sexy ass wiggled as she ran back towards home.

Chapter Three: (Josie in the shower)

My sister Josie turned eighteen this year and she has grown into an amazingly beautiful and sexy girl. She has long wavy dark brown hair, a very beautiful face with bright sparkling blue eyes and a very sweet smile. She is five feet two inches tall with an amazingly sexy and perfectly proportioned body that is rely toned and fit and whenever I look at her my heart seems to stop for a moment.
Ever since Josie turned sixteen and started to take the shape of a young woman, she has been dressing up in tight blue jeans that show of her very sexy little ass and a tight fitting blouse or sweater the reveals her firm perky breasts. Sometimes she wears short little shorts and I can see her ass cheeks showing out the bottom of them.
It is so hard for me to keep my mind of her, and I have been trying not to let her notice me looking at her because she is my sister, well step sister also I am pretty sure she thinks of me as just her older brother, I don’t think she would like it if she knew what I was thinking about whenever I looked at her. Not only when I look at her but pretty much all the time these days.
Josie is kind of a quiet girl, she does not say much to guys if she doesn’t know them very well, and lately these days there is always some guy that shows up at the ranch to try and ask her out, but she just does not seem very interested in them.
It was the start of spring break a few days ago. I walked into the house and heard the shower going. Our parents had just left that morning to go on a vacation in Hawaii for two weeks so I knew it was neither of them, it must be Josie in the shower. As I walked by the shower on my way to my room I noticed the door to the shower was open. Before I could stop myself, I looked in and saw the most amazing site of my life.
My step sister was in the shower facing away from me; she was all wet and soapy and had the most amazingly sexy ass I had ever seen, a perfectly rounded pear shape with little dimples on her lower back and sleek smooth legs that tapered upward, and her whole body was an even light tan color with no tan lines witch I find extremely sexy. I started to grow big and hard as soon as saw her.
I watched her showering for a minute till she started to turn around and then I quickly moved aside so she would not see me, standing there staring at her with a big bulge in my jeans. I peeked around the door and saw the front of her now. Wow was she gorgeous! She had perfectly shaped firm breasts with nice pink rose bud nipples and pink areolas around them. Her nipples were hard and erect now, maybe from her touching herself as she soaped her body. She had a really sexy belly and I could see a perfect sexy little crack of her smooth clean shaven pussy that she must have just finished shaving. And her legs were really amazing too, smooth and sexy.
I had fantasized about her a lot the last two years, ever since she turned sixteen, but I never imagined she would look this good naked.
She bent down and turned the shower of and reached for a towel, so I quietly moved away, because I would just about die if she caught me watching her. I don’t remember ever wanting a girl this bad before and as I walked into my room I could feel myself building up to an orgasm. Without ever touching myself I reached an amazing orgasm and filled my jeans with hot cum.
This had never happened to me before. The only other time I had an orgasm without touching myself was a couple of years ago when I was sleeping and had a dream about Josie. In my dream we were making love and I woke up to a really wet spot in my bed. This time it felt so much better though, because I was awake when it happened.
I took of my wet jeans and dried myself of with one of my t shirts and put on a clean pair of blue jeans and came out of my room trying to pretend as though everything was normal.

Chapter four: (A night at my Cabin)

Next day Josie and I were out riding, checking on cows and fences, when I noticed her horse limping so I checked the horse and one of his shoes had come of. I told Josie that she would not be able to ride the horse like that because it might hurt his foot and said she could ride behind me on my horse and we could lead hers back with us. I helped her up behind me and we headed back towards home.
On the way home Josie held onto me with her arms wrapped around my waist. It was very exciting to have her this close to me and I was getting big and hard from it. As we went along I could feel her firm breasts pressing into my back and her hands were slowly moving down as she started to relax. Pretty soon her hands were resting on my lap and I was afraid she was going to notice how big and hard I was.
We walked along like that for a while and I was sure she could feel the big hard bulge in my jeans but she just rested her hands there and sometimes it almost felt like she was trying to feel me. I was not sure and I was starting to wonder if maybe she thought of me as more than just a big brother, otherwise I’m pretty sure she would have moved her hands up when she felt how hard I was.
It was starting to get late as we reached my place and we had to go past my cabin to get to the main ranch house. I was going to take her home and then come back to my place but just as we were getting ready to pass my cabin.
She said. “I am scared to stay alone in the house; can I stay here with you in your cabin?”
I said. “Sure” and helped her down of the horse.
Josie said she would go and start supper as I took care of the horses. When I was done with that I came inside and set the table for her as she finished up with supper. As we ate we talked about our day together and what we would do tomorrow, and afterwards we cleaned up the dishes, Josie washed as I dried and put them away.
When everything was cleaned up and put away I told her she could have my bed and I would sleep on the couch but she said no the bed was big enough for both of us and she did not want me sleeping on the couch. She asked me if she could use one of my t shirts for a night gown because all she had there was the clothes she was wearing and she did not want to sleep in them, so I got out one of my t shirts for her to wear and handed it to her.
My cabin had only the one room, no bathroom or bedroom, I used an out house for my bathroom and the bed was in the living room. The fireplace was opposite the bed so I turned around and started a fire while Josie changed and got into bed.
I did not want to sleep in my clothes either so I got out a pair of boxer shorts and told her to look away while I changed. When I was dressed in my boxers I turned around and saw her watching me with a smile on her face. I thought to myself there is no way she thinks of me as her brother or she sure would not have been watching me change.
When I was walking over to the bed I saw a pile of her clothes by the bed and her bra and panties were on top the pile, so all she had on was my t shirt, this was going to be very hard for me sleeping in the same bed with her almost naked like that.
When I was settled into the bed she said she was cold, with her back to my chest she snuggled up tight to me so she could feel the warmth from my body and I put my arm around her. She must have been really tired because after only a few minutes I could hear her breathing change and new she was sleeping.
I lay there awake for long time thinking about my sweet little step-sister sleeping wrapped up in my arms. I was so turned on by her now and my big hard shaft grew so much that it was sticking out the top of my shorts and pressing into her bare bum. I so badly wanted to feel her breasts and caress her bum and just touch her all over and kiss her but instead I just held her in my arms like that.
Pretty soon I had to move my cock back away from her so I wasn’t touching her bum anymore because the feel of her sexy bum pressing into me was going to cause me to have an orgasm, and squirt cum all over her ass while she lay there sleeping, I did not want to cum on her like that. If I was going to cum with her in my bed I wanted it to be while she was awake and only if she wanted me the same way that I wanted her.
Then hopefully we could have sex together. Josie is far too special of a girl to me, for me to treat her like just a sex toy.
It took every ounce of my will power but I finally got control of myself and calmed down enough so I could keep from reaching an orgasm, and then I must have finally dosed off. I had been sleeping for a little while when I heard Josie’s soft sexy voice. When I asked what she wanted, she said she had to go pee and was too scared to go outside by herself. She asked me if I would go out with her.
I said “of course I well”, as I got out of bed and went out with her.
I had to pee too, so while she was in the outhouse I peed on the ground beside it. There was a wash basin inside by the door so we both washed up and she said.
“Thank you Tim” as we climbed back into bed.
I woke up early that morning around 5 A.M. and the sun was just starting to stream into one of the windows. Josie was still snuggled up in my arms so I just lay there a few minutes enjoying her warm body so close to me.
After a bit I quietly climbed out of bed trying not to wake her, I went over to the fire place and started a fire in it then made coffee, dressed and washed my face.
I sat down in a chair with a steaming cup of coffee and started sipping on it as I watched Josie laying there sleeping. She looked so peaceful and beautiful, I thought how amazing it would be if I could wake up to see her like this every morning.
When I was finished with my coffee I got out some pans and started cooking breakfast. I made fried potatoes with bacon and eggs.
As I was cooking I glanced over to see if Josie was awake and she was just laying there watching me. When I looked at her she smiled brightly, what a beautiful site! I pored her a coffee and brought it over to her as she sat up in bed. I set the table and put the breakfast on it as she climbed out of bed, came over to the table and sat down to eat still only dressed in my t shirt.
Her shirt moved up a little as she sat down, and now I could see some of her bum that was exposed below the bottom of the t shirt, seeing her like that was so hot and sexy. It caused me to stay hard all through breakfast .
After we were done eating I started washing the dishes as she got dressed. I watched her pull up her panties and then pull of my t shirt before putting on her bra. She looked at me and smiled again as she was fastening her bra. I was sure now that she liked me and wanted me to watch her. It all made sense, that’s why she had left the shower door open and was always wearing tight fitting jeans and shirts around me. She wanted me to notice her.
Knowing this was really exciting for me because now maybe we could have a chance to be together. She finished getting dressed and came over to dry the dishes as I washed them. As we were finishing up I asked her if she would like to go on a picnic today and she said.
“I would love to Tim”.

Chapter Five: (Trail ride to our camp)

We led our horses as we walked up to the main ranch house from my cabin. When we got there Josie went inside to pack us some lunch and a couple of beach towels for us to sit on as we ate our lunch plus whatever else she thought we might need on the trip.
I put a new shoe on Josie’s horse and then got them ready for us to ride. I also packed a third horse with extra gear, like some pots to cook with and extra food, a tent and sleeping bags, I was pretty sure we would not make it back home in one day.
Josie had just gotten out of the shower and changed into clean clothes for the trip. She was dressed in a really tight pair of her nicest Wrangler jeans and a white blouse that really showed of all her curves. She looked absolutely amazing to me and so beautiful.
I had a shower too and changed, then packed our things behind my saddle and helped her onto her horse.
We headed out to one of my favourite spots, it was a few hours on horseback to get there but it was so worth the trip. The place I am talking about was a pretty spot in the hills with a waterfall cascading down into a little lake. There was a nice meadow beside it that would make a perfect spot to set up our camp.
Josie’s long wavy brown hair was lightly moving in the soft breeze and her big blue eyes were sparkling with excitement. She looked so happy sitting there on her horse as we chatted all the way along the trail.
She asked me all about my girlfriends and what was going on in my life. I told her everything. The first time I had sex to the married girl that I had fallen in love with, almost three years ago now and how that had not worked out, and everything in-between. I also told her that I had not met anyone since the married girl that I really wanted to be with.
Josie told me about her life, about the guys that came to see her and how she was not interested in them because she only wanted one guy, a guy that she really cared about and wanted to be with for a really long time now.
I asked her who she was talking about and she said it was her secret. She said she had never told anyone how she felt about this guy, so I left it alone and did not pry anymore, besides by the way she was acting around me these last few years I was beginning to think the man she was talking about might just be me.
She also told me she was still a virgin, she said she was waiting for this guy to notice her and once he realized that she was the girl of his dreams then he would quit chasing all these other girls, he had been chasing around all these years and start chasing her instead.
She told me that when she was riding behind me on our way home the day before, she had felt how big I was and wanted to know how something that big would be able to fit inside a girl. She said she had put one finger inside herself and it was really tight inside, and her finger is tiny in comparison. I said that girls can stretch a long way, so it would fit inside without any problem.
She then asked me if it would hurt her when she was stretching for it to fit and I said that it would not but instead it would feel amazing as long as the guy took the time to get her really turned on and then she would be so wet and slippery inside that he would slide rite in.
That seemed to make her happy because she smiled sweetly and then quit asking anymore questions about it. She was probably imagining what it would feel like.
I also told her that when a girl is a virgin she has a hymen inside her that is a soft bit of skin that blocks anything from going inside her, when a guy enters for the first time he well tear her hymen causing some pain but afterwards it does not hurt anymore. I said that sometimes a girl could tear her hymen from doing sports like gymnastics or from riding a horse and she might not even know that it is torn.
I said.” You can tell if yours is torn by sticking your finger up inside, if it is still there you well feel it”.
She said she had put her finger in and could not feel anything there. I said that it was probably torn already then and when she has sex for the first time it should not hurt at all. I said the only thing you well have to worry about is getting pregnant. She looked at me and smiled. I must have reassured her and removed all her worries. Then she said.
“My first time is going to be really special. We well be in love with each other and I well be very happy if he gets me pregnant”.
Then she asked me what it feels like to make love and I said that it is the most amazing feeling in the world if both people are in love with each other, she smiled again and said she could not wait to make love to the man she was in love with.
Talking to her about all this stuff was really turning me on and causing me to want her even more. It was so enjoyable talking to her that it seemed like we just got started and before I knew it we were already there.

Chapter six: (Skinny Dipping)

We arrived at the waterfall around noon and it was a hot spring day without a cloud in the sky. I got of my horse and then helped Josie down of hers, she swung her leg over the horse to face me and started to slide down, I had my hands behind her legs and was ready to catch her and lower her to the ground as she slid down into my arms. I slid my hands up the back of her legs till they were all the way up to her tight little bum as I lowered her to the ground.
Her sexy ass felt so good in my hands and I could also feel her firm breasts pressing into my chest. I slid my hands up her back and held her for a moment, not wanting to let go. She was looking up at me with a loving look on her face as I held her like that.
I could tell she was not wearing any panties or bra because I could practically feel her skin rite through her clothing. The thought of Josie not wearing any underwear was very erotic to me.
I was worried she was going to say something to me if I kept holding her close like this, so I let go of her and stood back. Ever sense she was a little girl I have helped her up and down of her horse but the last couple of years she feels like so much more than a sister to me.
We looked around for a minute enjoying the spectacular view and after a bit Josie started to unpack the lunch as I laid down the beach towels for us to sit on. After we finished lunch, Josie stood up and said.
“Let’s go swimming”
I said “I have no swimming trunks and you have no swim suit unless you packed one”.
She looked at me with a sexy smile and said.
“We don’t need them, we are hundreds of miles from anyone way up in the hills were no one well ever see us, and also we have already seen each other naked yesterday at the cabin”
Then she started to unbutton her shirt as I looked on with growing excitement at what was happening, my beautiful step sister was really getting undressed in front of me.
So I stood up and started undressing too. As I undressed I watched her finish removing her shirt, freeing her perfectly shaped firm breasts from her tight blouse. Then she turned around with her back to me and pulled down her jeans revealing her perfect pear shaped sexy little ass.
I was so turned on by her that my big hard cock leaped up when it was freed from my jeans as I finished undressing;
Josie stepped out of her jeans and looked back at me. Noticing how big and hard I was, she smiled and then started running down towards the lake. Wow! What a sexy site she was. We splashed each other, swimming and playing around in the lake for about an hour before she got out of the water, looking at me and starting to run she said;
“Catch me if you can”
Then I chased her up to our picnic site just about catching her before she reached it and picked up the beach towels, wrapping one around herself and handing me the other one.

Chapter seven: (The Erotic Massage)

We were just laying there on the ground resting, still wrapped up in the beach towels when Josie said her back and shoulders were sore from all the riding we had done the last two days and asked if I could massage her back.
I said, “Of course I well Josie, I would love to give you a massage”
She said she had packed a bottle of massage oil along with all the other things and she went and pulled it out as I brought our sleeping bags over and rolled them out on the ground, one on top of the other so there was lots of padding. Then I put down a pillow for her to rest her head on.
I asked her to lay face down on the bed as I squirted some massage lotion onto my hands and started on her shoulders, slowly working my fingers into her tense mussels. I spent quite a bit of time on her neck and shoulders. She told me how amazing it felt to her as her mussels started to relax from the massage. Then I started on her hands, her hands and fingers were so small and soft in comparison to mine and they felt so good as I softly squeezed and massaged them.
I then started on her feet, working on her toes and the soles of her feet and working my way up her legs. I would wrap both hands around one leg and work up and down, going from one leg to the other and each time moving farther up her legs, pushing her towel up a little farther each time and exposing more of her perfectly shaped smooth sexy legs.
Now I could see a little bit of her bum showing as I worked my way higher. Seeing her and touching her like this was really turning me on, I was really big and as hard as a rock under my towel.
If I did not quit moving up I would be touching her pussy and bum and I was still no sure she wanted me to do that so I started on her shoulders again working down her back, pushing her towel down as I went exposing her whole back. Now the only thing her towel was covering was her bum.
I could see the sides of her breasts showing as I worked on her lower back. I started again on her legs, and this time I worked my way up a little higher and felt the bottom of her bum as I slid my hands up the back of both her legs at the same time. I kept doing that and each time my hands would slide up her ass underneath the towel a little farther.
Josie was squeezing the blankets now with her hands and starting to breathe heavier as I worked on her bum, so I knew now that she was getting turned on by what I was doing, and I was pretty sure she did not want me to stop because she reached down and pulled the towel aside completely exposing her body now. Seeing her completely naked lying there like that with me massaging her bare bum was almost too much for me and I had to try very hard not to have an orgasm rite there.
She was really enjoying this and I new she wanted me to see her naked and she wanted me to want her. That was no problem because I wanted her more than anything in this world; this was the most amazing site I had ever seen.
I started working on her legs again one at a time, squeezing them a little as I slid my hands up. This time she spread her legs a little and started to arch her back, pushing her ass up a little each time I got close to her pussy with my hands.
Her pussy was visible now and as I massaged her bum her pussy would open a little letting me see how wet she was. I slid my hand up between her legs all the way this time and touched her wet pussy, She gasped and started moaning softly as I massaged her clit, She was so warm and slippery and I wanted so badly to push my finger up inside her but held back not wanting to move to fast and make her nervous.
I gently rolled her over onto her back now and could see how beautiful she was. Her face was a little flushed from being so turned on; she had full perfectly shaped firm breasts with pink nipples that were hard now from me touching her and her beautiful blue eyes were darker now than normal because she was so turned on.
She closed her eyes now and she started to breath heavy again as my hands started massaging her breasts, they felt so good in my hands. After a bit I worked my way down her soft sexy belly, all the way down almost touching her pussy which I could see was clean shaven. She must have shaved this morning when she was having her shower.
I was beginning to realize that Josie was hoping that something like this was going to happen today. That and the fact that she brought along massage oil. The thought of her planning this was really exciting for me and made me even harder than I already was, if that was even possible.

Chapter Eight: (Making love for the first Time)

Her eyes were still closed when I leaned down to kiss her on the lips, when my lips touched hers she lifted her hands up running her fingers through my hair and started kissing me back. It was so hot and sexy, my little step-sister laying there completely naked and us kissing each other. I had fantasized about this a lot ever since she was around sixteen and started to look like a really beautiful and sexy young woman but I had never thought it would really happen.
I started to kiss her neck now and softly suck on it while my hands explored her soft but firm curvy body, I moved lower with my lips, now touching the top of her breasts, she started to moan again and let out a gasp of pure pleasure as my lips touched one of her nipples.
I started sucking on her nipples going from one to the other and lightly biting them with my teeth as they grew harder in my mouth, at the same time I had my right hand under her neck as I slid my left hand between her legs and touched her pussy. She gasped as I touched her.
She was really wet now and so warm and slippery as I softly massaged her clit and without even trying, one of my fingers slipped inside her, and that caused her to moan loudly and spread her legs a little more.
I could tell that she was getting really close to an orgasm and I did not want her to reach one yet. I wanted us to have an orgasm together.
Then I pulled of my towel and moved between her legs as I put one hand on each side of her face, kissing her lips and holding her like that while I moved the head of my hard shaft closer to her wet opening.
I was holding her like that while I watched the look on her face as the head of my hard shaft touched her and started to push into her, I stopped there and stayed like that for a moment looking into here beautiful face wanting this moment to last forever.
Josie wanted to feel me inside her so bad now that she put her small hands on my bum and started puling trying to push me into her.
It was time, the moment had finally come and we were really going to do this. I was really going to make love to my sweet beautiful baby step-sister Josie.
I just realized as I looked into Josie’s face that I was so madly in love with her and had been for a long time, I just had not allowed myself to think about it before because I had never thought she would ever want me like this. I have always been her older brother and never thought she would see me as anything else.
I could not wait another second, so with her pulling on my ass I gave one hard thrust and slid all the way up inside her. Josie’s mouth opened and she let out a gasp and I could see the look of pure pleasure on her face.
Wow what an amazing feeling, I have never felt anything this good before, she was really wet and slippery, so tight and warm inside. I had been so close to an orgasm before entering her that when I slid inside her with my first thrust it pushed me over the edge and I reached the most amazing orgasm of my life. I held on tightly to her as my whole body started to shudder with pleasure and I started to squirt big long squirts of hot cum deep inside her. There was not enough room inside her for me and all of my cum, and I could feel it leaking out alongside of my hard shaft. I watched her face and her eyes opened when I started cumming inside her and I knew she could feel it and that was so erotic to her and more than she could take.
With a look of pure ecstasy on her face, her body started to shudder from the most intense orgasm she had ever felt in her life. I could feel the warmth of her love juice around my cock and her pussy squeezing me as she reached her orgasm.
After our bodies started to relax from the orgasms I started moving inside her, thrusting in and out. After a few minutes we both came again, both together this time.
We continued to make love, kissing and exploring each others bodies for most of the afternoon and we both had so many orgasms, too many to count.
Afterwards we just lay there. I was on my back while Josie lay there beside me with her head on my chest and I softly ran my fingers up and down her back while we enjoyed the after glow of our lovemaking.

Chapter Nine: (A Night under the Stars)

After laying there for awhile I looked at my watch and saw it was around 6:00 P.M. so I said we should get up and make some supper. I watched Josie getting dressed as I pulled my jeans on, No mater what Josie was doing I always found her so beautiful and fascinating to watch.
I started a fire and with her help we made supper together. After eating we cleaned up, washed the dishes then set up the tent. When everything was put away we just sat beside the fire together drinking coffee and talking till it started to get dark.
I had not put the sleeping bags into the tent yet because I wanted to wait till dark and then climb into them to watch the stars together. The sleeping bags were big enough so that both of us to fit in one of them, so we climbed into the top one and just lay there on our backs looking up at the stars and softly talking to each other. It was an amazing night. The sky was lit up with millions of twinkling stars.
Josie said she had looked at the stars before but never really spent much time doing that because she had no one to watch them with before this. She said watching the stars with me was so much better than looking at them by herself. I agreed with her, this was amazing, laying there with the girl of my dreams and just looking up at the heavens.
It was getting late so we climbed out of the sleeping bags and took everything into the tent. As we were making up the bed Josie asked me if I could sleep in the same sleeping bag as her because she would be scared sleeping by herself out here in a tent.
I said “Of course I well, I would like nothing better.”
We undressed and she climbed in first and then I got in after her. She was laying with her back to me and when I settled in she snuggled into my arms. We were both completely naked but very tired from an amazingly awesome and full long day. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close to me and after a few minutes I could hear her breathing change and new she was asleep, a few minutes later I fell asleep.
Sometime after midnight Josie woke me up saying she had to go pee so I got up with her and stood beside her outside the tent while she squatted and went pee. She looked amazing there in the soft glow of the moonlight completely naked, what a sexy site.
We climbed back into bed and she was shivering a little from the cool night air so I pulled her tight to me to warm her up.
I was really hard from watching her peeing naked in the moonlight and my shaft was pressing into her bum now as I held her close. Josie could feel it too, so she reached her hand down behind her and wrapped her small hand around me. This was the first time she had touched my cock and it felt really good to have her hand around me. She had small hands and I was really big, about 9 or 10 inches long and very thick and with her hand wrapped around it she could not touch her fingers together.
She massaged me for a while which felt amazing and also must have started to turn her on and cause her to want to feel me inside her again because she guided the head of my shaft between her legs to her warm welcoming entrance and started pulling on me as she arched her back and pushed her bum into my stomach.
I started to push into her and when I was all the way in she pulled her hand aside as she let out a soft moan. I never got over how good she felt inside, so warm and tight and also very slippery. As I started moving in and out of her she started to moan loudly and before long we both had another amazing orgasm together.
Afterward we just lay there, I was softly kissing the back of her neck and still hard inside her as we both fell asleep.

Chapter Ten: (Waking Josie up)

I woke up early the next morning with the warm sun on the tent warming it up. We were still laying there the same as last night only sometime during the night I had gone soft and slid out of her.
I quietly got out of bed and dressed, then went out to start a fire and make some coffee. After a couple of cups of coffee it was starting to get hot out and I was worried Josie would wake up all hot and sweaty and uncomfortable, so I decided to wake her up.
I opened the tent flap and she must have felt the heat in her sleep because she was laying there on her back without any blankets covering her. Her legs were parted a little and I had a really good look at here pussy.
As I watched her laying there asleep I came up with a good idea on how to wake her up. I lay down on my stomach with my face between her legs and started to lick her pussy. I was looking up at her face to see her reaction as I licked her.
Wow! this was the first time I had tasted her, I loved how she tasted and how soft her pussy felt. It was like kissing her lips only even more sexy than that.
She was sleeping but in her subconscious mind she could feel my tongue and lips on her pussy and she was starting to moan softly in her sleep as I licked her. Her clit was growing hard in my mouth and I could taste her sweet love juice starting to trickle into my mouth.
I softly slid my hands up under her bum to feel her sexy bum in my hands as I continued to lick her. After a few minutes her body started to tense up and she had an orgasm in her sleep. That must have woke her up because she opened her eyes and looked down at me and smiled one of the sweetest smiles I had ever seen, as she said.
“I have never felt this good waking up before, that was an amazing dream I was having”. “Then I woke up to find out it was not a dream but really happening”.
She was so beautiful looking down at me, her long wavy soft brown hair was all messed up and tussled around her shoulders from sleeping and her face was a little flushed from her orgasm. As she started to get dressed I said.
“Coffee is on and while you are having coffee I well make us some breakfast”.
I made a big breakfast on the camp fire. Bacon and eggs with pancakes and fried potatoes. Josie was sitting there sipping her coffee and watching me cook with a loving look on her face. I said we had to eat a really big breakfast because we were going to climb up the big mountain that was pointing upward from the lake that we were camped beside.
After we ate breakfast and did all the dishes and cleaned up camp we started climbing the mountain. We climbed steady for about two hours, finally reaching the top and sat down for a rest.
We sat there just enjoying the beautiful view from way up there. Our camp looked tiny like a little doll house. The lake and waterfall was amazing to look at from here. Josie turned and looked at me with love in her eyes and said.
“Tim this is the most amazing thing anyone has ever done for me, thank you so much for taking me on this picnic with you”.
I told her that it was no problem and I really loved being on this trip with her. Secretly I was thinking that this was the best trip of my life. So far nothing has ever compared to this time with her. Everything we did together and talked about and the most amazing love making I had ever had. All put together it was unbelievable.
As we sat there talking Josie said that all her girl friends told her that having sex for the first time really hurt and it was never good the first time either. She told me that our first time never hurt at all and also felt absolutely amazing. And then she wrapped her arm around my arm and leaned against my side. I so loved having her there beside me. We sat there for about an hour like that looking down and just enjoying each other then I said we should get back down to camp. I took a hold of her hand standing up and pulled her up with me, then started back down to camp holding her hand all the way there.

Chapter Eleven: (Josie sleeping on my Chest)

When we made it back down to camp around 1:00 P.M. we were both really hungry from our hike up the mountain, so Josie made some sandwiches while I started the fire and made coffee.
When we had first arrived here I had found a really big log that I had dragged up close to the camp fire for us to sit on. I poured us coffee and sat down on the log as Josie finished making sandwiches and brought them over sitting down beside me, we ate the sandwiches while sipping on a cup of coffee.
There was not a cloud in the clear blue sky and it was starting to get really hot out so after we finished eating I dragged our sleeping bags out beside a big tree near camp that had lots of shade underneath it. I then sat down with my head up against the tree facing the lake and Josie lay down beside me, resting her head on my chest.
As she lay there I was stroking her hair and we were both just looking at the beautiful scene around us. The gorgeous blue lake with a pretty waterfall cascading down the mountain side and falling into the lake close to our camp, the mountain peaks across the lake had snow on the tops of them that made them even more majestic, and the birds were singing in the trees all around us. It was like being in paradise.
Josie must have been really tired because after I had been stroking her hair for a bit, her breathing changed and I knew she was sleeping. It had been a really busy few days and I am sure it was starting to wear her out. I did not move, just rested my hand on her back while she lay there sleeping as I enjoyed her and everything around me.
After about an hour like that Josie woke up and said.
”Sorry I must have fallen asleep”.
I said that it was okay, I was just resting anyway. Josie said.
“It is really hot out; do you want to go swimming with me?” I said.
“Of course, I would love to”.
So we got up and before she could do anything about it, I picked her up with one arm under her legs and the other behind her back as I ran down to the lake with her squealing all the way, and then through her into the lake with all her clothes on and jumped in after her. We splashed around in the lake like that for a while, and then I pulled her close to me, holding her face in my hands and started kissing her as she kissed me back.
After a bit she said we should take of our clothes because it would be a lot easier to swim that way, I agreed as I pulled of my shirt and pants, watching her undress at the same time and growing hard from seeing her naked beauty.
I ran up to our camp and grabbed some soap, shampoo and a wash cloth and went back into the lake. I wet the cloth and put soap on it and started washing Josie all over as she stood there in the lake. I washed her back, and she lifted her arms as I washed under them, I washed her sexy smooth bum, her breasts and belly, and even washed her between her legs.
Seeing her like this all wet and soapy and the feel of me touching her soft smooth skin as I washed her was driving me crazy, wanting her and making me so big and hard.
Then she took the cloth from me and started to wash me all over, finishing with my hard cock. After washing it she settled onto her knees in the shallow water and wrapped both her small hands around it. There was still a couple of inches sticking out past her hands and now she was looking up at me as she moved her lips closer to the head of my throbbing cock.
This was so erotic, looking down at her beautiful face, with her hands squeezing me and her soft sexy lips about to touch me. It was so sexy seeing her like that, her perfect pear shaped bare ass still soapy from me washing her. And then her lips touched me. Wow! What a feeling as her soft warm lips wrapped around me and the head of my hard shaft slid into her warm mouth.
She moved her head causing her mouth to slide in and out over my cock. Her mouth felt so amazing. It was going to cause me to have an orgasm soon though and I did not want to cum in her mouth just yet, not knowing how she would feel about that so just before I had an orgasm I pulled out of her mouth and lifted her up to her feet pulling her close and hugging her as I kissed her.

Chapter Twelve: (Showering in the waterfall)

We then waded over to the waterfall and stepped into it to shower and wash of the soap. I put some shampoo in my hair and handed it to her as I washed my hair then watched as she washed her hair and rinsed in the waterfall.
Watching her showering like that reminded me of the time I saw her showering at home a few days earlier. So I told her about it and how it made me feel to see her naked in the shower like that, all wet and soapy, and what happened afterwards as I walked into my room.
She said. “Oh wow! I never thought that I would have that much of an effect on you. I did leave the door open on purpose though I was hopping you would come in the house and see me in the shower”.
“I have been dressing in tight fitting clothes and trying everything to get you to notice me for a long time now, and I see it finally worked”.
”I have been noticing you, for a long time now ever since the first time I took you flying on your sixteenth birthday”.
“I did not want you to know about it though because I thought it would freak you out if you knew”.
“I wanted you really bad but I just pretended not to notice, and kept my feelings to myself”.
She said. “You silly goose, why would you ever think a thing like that, My whole life I have loved you and was hoping we could be together one day”.
“Ever since I was a little girl I remember you playing with me in the sand box, carrying me on your shoulders as you ran around in the field pretending we were flying, teaching me how to ride a horse”.
“And when I was five you teaching me how to fish, holding my hand as we walked along down by the creek, I always loved it when you held my hand”.
“When I hurt myself while I was playing you would always pick me up in your arms hugging my and kissing my hurts away, taking me flying when I was sixteen, and also you took me with you to the dance and taught my how to dance the Texas two-step that same year”.
“And I remember how good that felt to me, being in your arms as we danced, it felt like I was in heaven and floating on a cloud. I was jealous when other girls would dance with you though”.
“As long as I can remember I have wanted you to see me as more than just your little sister. I have been just waiting for you to make a move towards me.”
I then pulled her into my arms and started kissing her. Wanting to be as close to her as I could passably be. My hands all over her wet body, up and down her back, all over her wet bum, squeezing it and pulling her into me. I was kissing her breasts and sucking her nipples.
My hard cock was pressing into her sexy belly and I wanted her more than anything in this world and had to have her right now. So I put my hands under her bum and lifted her as she wrapped her arms around my neck and legs around my back and I lowered her onto my hard shaft as I walked up towards our camp.
My orgasm was still really close from before when she was sucking on me and it felt so good and warm inside her as I lowered her onto me that I made only a few hard thrusts into her as I walked and before we made it to camp we both reached an amazing orgasm.
My legs were trembling as I stood holding onto her like that and coming big long squirts into her.
After we both started to breathe a little more normal I carried her over to where our sleeping bags were, and gently set her down on the bed still inside her and lay down on top her holding myself up so as not to put any weight on her.
After we rested there a bit I rolled onto my back and she cuddled up to me and we just lay there like that completely naked, talking till suppertime.

Chapter Thirteen: (Perfect Love)

At around six I got up to put up a clothes line and started a fire while Josie went down to the lake to wash out our clothes that we had gotten soaked and left on the ground earlier. She brought them up to camp and I helped her hang them on the clothes line. They were our only clothes and we would need them on the trip home the next day. We were both still naked and I was really enjoying watching Josie, so much that I was growing big and hard again and she noticed it.
Josie said.” It looks like you are excited to see me like this, hanging clothes in my birthday suit!”
I said. “Are you surprised? Looking at pure perfect beauty like you it is imposable not to get turned on, Josie I am always going to feel like this whenever I look at you or think about you”.
Josie looked at me with a big smile and started to blush from what I had said, and from me looking at her like that, and then she came over to me and gave me a big hug.
I went to get a pail of water from the spring that was close by as Josie brought out some pots and together we started cooking supper. After supper we were still naked, I was sitting on the log and Josie sat down on my lap, cuddling up close to me and laid her head on my chest. I softly stroked her hair and her back as we talked tell bedtime, which was around eight p.m. We were both raised on the ranch and used to going to bed and getting up early.
I picked Josie up and carried her into the tent setting her down on the bed and climbed into bed beside her. Josie snuggled up tight into my arms and turned her head back to give me a kiss.
As she settled in I said. “Good night Babydoll”.
Josie said. “Babydoll? I love that name! Where did you come up with that?”
I said.” Ever since you were a little girl I always thought of you as a Babydoll, I just never told you till now”.
Josie said.” How long have you had feelings for me?”
“Two years ago, after I was with the married girl and we decided not to see each other anymore”. I had just came home from getting my pilots licence and you came running out to meet me”, you were dressed in a little pink t shirt and a tight pair of blue jeans”.
:You were sixteen then and it seemed like you had turned from a girl into a gorgeous sexy young woman over night”. “It was then, that I realized the girl I really wanted was rite here at home all along. I have not been interested in any other girls after that moment. I never thought you would ever feel the same way about me though”.
Josie said. “It seems like I have always felt this way about you, ever since I can remember. You always treated me like I was a little princess. Whenever I was around you, it felt like I was the most important thing in your life”. “I do remember that spring when I was sixteen though; I started to dress in tight clothes and show of as much of my body as I could so you would notice that I was a young woman now”. “I caught you checking me out a few times and that encouraged me to keep doing it, and then I felt really brave the other day”. “Mom and Dad went to Hawaii and it was just you and me at home, so I had a shower with the door open, hoping that you would see me. It really turned me on to think that you might see me like that, naked in the shower”.
”Next day I was riding with you and felt how big and hard you were and later in your cabin I caught you looking at me”. “Then when we first got here, you helped me of my horse and I could tell you were checking me out with your hands as you lowered me to the ground, and you held onto me a lot longer than you normally do”. “I was sure I had you by that time so that is why I went skinny dipping with you and asked you to give me a massage”. “My back was not really sore, I just knew that if you started touching my body like that you would not be able to stop till you had me, and I was rite about that!”
I said.” Josie I love you so much, you are the perfect girl for me”. That was the first time I had told her that I love her.
“I love you too Tim, I always have”.
It was so nice to here her say that. I pulled her in as tight as I could and snuggled up close with my arms wrapped around her as we both fell asleep.

Chapter Fourteen: (The ride Home)

Next morning we got up and had breakfast and coffee and sat by the fire till it started to get really warm out and we went down to the lake for a swim and a shower. When we were done showering and dried of, we got dressed and I took down the tent and packed everything on the horses while Josie made sandwiches for us to eat on the way home.
When everything was done we climbed on ready to ride out. We sat there in our saddles as we took one last long look around, it had been the most amazing couple of days that ether one of us has ever experienced in our whole lives. It was around noon when we left our camp and we decided to eat our sandwiches as we went along. We talked as we rode along for a couple of hours and then decided to take a break for a few minutes and stretch our legs.
I got of my horse and then helped Josie off her horse the same as always. I stood beside her horse as she swung her right leg over the horse’s neck and put her legs together facing me while I held out my arms and slid my hands behind her legs so I could hold her while I lowered her to the ground.
As she slid down into my arms my hands slid up her legs till they were on her bum and then I gently set her down on the ground.
I held her like that softly squeezing her bum while I pulled her into me. She looked up at me and smiled sweetly with a loving look as I caressed her bum and then moved my hands up her back. I was really hard and the bulge in my pants was pressing into her.
This time I did not try to keep her from feeling it. She put her hands up into my hair and started to kiss me as I held her close.
We made out like that for a while as my hands were all over her body touching every inch of her. After a bit I slid my hands down inside the back of her jeans and squeezed her bum. I pulled her shirt off as she raised her arms so I could slip it up over her head and shoulders, tossing it onto the horse behind her I started to kiss and suck on her breasts as I unbuttoned her jeans. I pulled down her jeans and then put my hands down in between her sexy legs touching her pussy which was now really wet.
After massaging her clit for a while I got down on my knees and took of her riding boots and then picked her up and set her bare bum down onto the saddle of the horse that she had been leaning back against. I lifted her legs up resting them on my shoulders as I moved my face in close and started to lick her pussy. She was moaning softly as I licked her and soon her body started quivering.
I knew she was going to have an orgasm soon so I stopped and asked her to swing her leg over the horse as I quickly undressed and put all our clothes in one of the saddle bags. Now she was sitting on the horse like she was riding him and I pulled myself up behind her. She leaned ahead onto the horse’s neck exposing her perfect little sexy bum to me as I guided my hard shaft into her warm wet pussy.
As soon as she could feel the head of my cock pressing into her she pushed back causing me to slide all the way inside her. The horse started to walk now and the movement of the horse was helping me to move in and out of her. I had my write hand on her stomach and was holding onto the horse with my left and every time I pushed into her I could feel my cock pushing into her stomach from inside, that was so erotic to me and I wanted her to feel it too so I took her hand and held it on her stomach so she could feel me inside her, through her stomach.
She was amazed that she could feel me like that and we were both so turned on by everything that before long we both started to cum hard. As I came I pushed into her as far as I could and the head of my cock was pushing against her belly and we both felt it as I squirted inside her. It was like a little heart beat. When Josie felt that it was so erotic to her that it pushed her up over the top and she had a really strong orgasm. This all took place as the horse walked along and the other two horses followed.
We kept going like that for quite a while, her leaning forward, me still inside her and leaning forward onto her back. From where we had started to make love till now we had gone a couple of miles and I was sure glad I had picked up our clothes and thrown them on the horse, or we would have had to ride back for them. After a while I stopped the horse and pulled out of her then climbed down and helped her down as well.
This was the first time I had helped her of her horse while she was completely naked. I gave her a big long hug and kissed her then we got dressed. We climbed back on our horses and headed the rest of the way home which was only a short way now.
When we got to the main ranch house I unpacked the horses and Josie helped me put everything away. When everything was put away I asked Josie if she wanted to have a shower with me and she said she would love to.
We made supper together and cleaned up and now we were both completely exhausted so we went up to Josie’s room and climbed into her bed, falling asleep almost as soon as we were in bed.

Chapter Fifteen: (Starting a new life together)

Next day was a Friday; I wanted to go into town to get something and asked Josie if she wanted to come along.
She said. “Of coarse I do, I always want to hang out with you and be with you”.
So after lunch we jumped into my pickup and headed into town. When we arrived in town I asked her if there was anything she wanted to do while I did a few things. She said she did so I dropped her of at the mall and I said I would be back in a couple of hours.
When I was finished I came back to the mall and after a short search I found her in a clothing store buying some new clothes.
I said. “There is a movie theatre here, do you want to see what is playing today and if there is anything good do you want to watch it?
She said. “I would love that, I almost never get to go and see a movie. The last time was a few years ago with mom and dad”.
We walked over to the theatre and Iron man three was playing so we went in and bought tickets to see it. Josie was so excited, she had seen the first two at home on payperview but this was going to be amazing, and also this was the first time I had taken her to see a movie with me.
After the show was over I took her out for supper at a fancy restaurant and then afterwards I found a place were we could go dancing. We had an amazing time, dancing tell after midnight. This was the first time that I danced with only one girl the whole night and I loved it the whole time.
On our way home Josie sat next to me on the seat and leaned her head against my shoulder as I drove. Half way home she fell asleep like that and when we got home I gently picked her up and carried her into my cabin laying her down on my bed. She was barely awake as I pulled her boots and jeans of her and then covered her with the blankets. It was not very often she ever stayed up this late. I unloaded the truck and put everything away then got undressed and climbed into bed beside her and cuddled up with her.
A couple days later it was a beautiful sunny day so I asked Josie if she wanted to go flying out to our camp site by the waterfall for a picnic lunch there. There was a big long meadow there that I used as an airstrip so it was perfect, and also we had so many wonderful memories there.
Josie made some sandwiches and juice to take with us and we flew up there. After lunch I took her by the hand and walked with her down by the waterfall. I then reached into my jeans pocket as I got down on one knee. Looking up at her while holding her hands in mine I said.
“Josie well you marry me?” at the same time I held up a diamond engagement ring that I had bought the day we went into town together.
Josie said.
“Of coarse I well marry you!” as she took the ring from me and looked at it excitedly.
Then she said.
“I have some good news for you too. I have been waiting for the right time to tell you and this is the perfect time! I am pregnant. When we were in town the other day I bought a pregnancy kit and next day I tested and found out”.
I jumped up with joy, grabbing her up in my arms and hugging her with so much love and happiness. This was a perfect day. I took the ring from her and then placed it on her ring finger and hugged and kissed her some more. After a bit we were so turned on that we ended up just about ripping each others clothes of and made love rite there on the soft grass.
Afterwards we flew back home and started making plans for our future together. First we would have to tell our parents when they got back from Hawaii, then next year we would have to build a bigger house for all three of us to live in. This was amazing! What a perfect life.
The End

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