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Her Love

Posted on : 30-01-2016 | By : admin | In : Long Distance Love

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           There once was a girl who found the love of her life. She always seemed to  love much harder then her love . And no matter what her love did to hurt their relationship, she always found it in her heart forgive her love for. She believed it showed how much she loved her love. She lived half way around the world from her love. And went to visit her love on four different occasions…. Even planning to move her life to her lives country eventually. This one time when she left her love and went back home a tragedy happened. Someone very important in her life died and she became heart broken. All she wanted at the time was to be with her love. To talk to her love and to feel loved by her love. She really needed her live, But her love had other important things going on at the time. This made her feel very unimportant and caused her so much more pain, which pushed her to eventually give up on her love. She believed it’s what she needed to do to make her love realize her errors and appreciate her more. She thought that if she left her love, then her love would soon find out how special she really was. She thought her love would be sorry for all the things she did in the past and do everything to get her back. She hoped her love would learn from this break up and choose to become better for her in the future. She hoped that this would make her love love her more and fight for her…… She was wrong.
She was in so much pain from the loss of her close family member she turned to lean on someone new. Her friend at the time was the only one there for her. To hold her when she cried, to make her smile in a time she was so sad. Her friend showed her so much love and care that she wasn’t used to. Then her and her friend began to confuse this friendship for something more. They decided to start a relationship in a time that she was so vulnerable. From then she tried her best to move on from her love. To forget her love and find new love within her friend, but day after day she couldn’t stop thinking about her love, never stopped missing her love., and she most definitely never stopped loving her love. She wandered when the day would come that she would wake up in the morning and not think about her love…. This day never came.
She soon realized that she could not live any longer without her love. She knew then that she would never love anyone the way she loved her love, for the rest of her life. No matter how much time passed or how much separation between her and her love, she realized her love would always be her strongest love. Upon coming to this realization she had to hear her loves voice, she had to tell her love how much she loved and missed her love. She had to make sure that her love knew that she was her only love. She made that phone call and they picked back up right where they left off but in happier times. After weeks of talking and hours of happy conversations. Remembering all the great times she and her love had together. She decided that her love needed to know how important she was. Her love needed to know that she was the only one for her in the entire world. The only way to prove this to her love was by giving up on her friend and in doing so breaking her friends heart. It was a horrible thing she had to do. But at this point she would do anything to prove to her love how much she wanted to be with her. It was sad.
It was sad what she did to her friend but what was even more sad to find out was that her love never really loved her that much at all. Her love already had loves before her. Her loved wanted to see if she could find new love with others. She felt that her love decided she wanted a better love. Her love didn’t want to give her a second chance. Her love wanted to be single and didn’t believe she was worth giving up her freedom for. She proved to be wrong once again. 
After all was said and done both girls decided to be single and to live their live alone for now. To move forward and become better people and better lovers. Both doing what was best for their lives apart so that they would be better for each other in the future. They remained talking as friends until one day she couldn’t talk to her love because she was with her friend. Consoling her friends broken heart that way her friend consoled her in the past. When her love knew this then her love didn’t act like a single girl. Her love put pressure on her like they were in a relationship. Her love forgot that it was her decision not to be with her. Her love forgot that she was the one who decided to be single for two years after college graduation. She realized then that no matter how much she did for her love…… Her love didn’t appreciate all the love she had for her. Her love called her a liar and started to hate her. The last thing she wanted in the world was to hurt her love. All she wanted was to start fresh and new with her love. First as friends then as lovers again, but her love never gave her their relationship that chance. She messed up their fresh start by accident. If her love wanted to be in a relationship then why didn’t her love tell her? 
Why didn’t her love ask for her to be hers again? The most thing she wanted in the world was to hear those words from her love. But with everything that had occurred she decided that she had to move on for now . Without her friend and without her love. Hoping that her  friend and her love will be happy….. And mostly hoping that her friend find someway to be her friend again and her love would one day be her love again. She wanted her love to realize that she can’t live without her either. She wanted her love to want her as much as she wanted her love. 
Always hoping that one day when the time is right she and her love will be together again. And live happily ever after. 
 THE END for now. 
Ps: I won’t give up 



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