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Welcome to the Love Story Blog of Love-Sessions.

Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended.

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Childhood Crush

Posted on : 15-09-2018 | By : A-Pie | In : First Love

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This is a story about my childhood memories from ten years ago. When I was in grade school, I have a crush on this boy in my class who always wears All Star shoes(Converse). He’s very cute and a lot of girls like him. He doesn’t talk much and only have a few friends. We sat together in the same roll in class but we were separated by two students. I never talk to him because I was new to America and didn’t speak English. One day, he started to talk to me on our way to lunch. He asking me questions but I have no clue what he said. Then he suddenly asked me to give him a high five. I did. From that day on, he started give me high five during lunch. One time I told him no when he asked me to do high five. He  laughed so hard but I didn’t understand why. He’s very cute when he laughs. I ended up doing the high five anyway.


As time past, I found myself separated away from him even though we still sat in the same roll (closer this time). I feel embarrassed looking of him in the eyes. I started to avoid him and he did the same to me too. (I just learn now because puberty hits us that’s why we avoid each other). I never talk to him after we graduated from elementary school. I didn’t even ask him to sign my shirt. I was too embarrassed.


As the year passed by, we end up in the same middle school. I didn’t  have any classes with him, but I always see him walking home and at school. We have PE together but different teachers. He became handsome now instead of cute. We still never communicate. I wish that time I talk to him because my English has been improved. However, instead of talking to him, I avoid him. I remember after PE class, he was looking at me for a long time. He has this stare on his face that I still remember till this day. The boy and girl lockers were very close together. After I changed my PE clothes, I came out and accidentally bumped into him. I look at my right side (the boy locker door) and there he was, looking at me without blinking. Okay he did blinked but I never see a boy looks at me like that before. We shared a moment of silence until other students came outside to wait for the bell rang. There was another time I saw him drinking a water fountain at school. I went and drank after he did. There was another time we bumped into each other during lunch. We sat on the same table but I was so nervous that I asked my older sister to switch seat with me. I was looking on my food the whole time. There was another time I saw him walking home by himself. That day I decided to called his name so loud and hide behind a car. I saw he looks around then continued walking home.


I never saw him again after that day. When summer came, I didn’t have any plan so I decided to go to summer school. The school I went for the summer was at a different location. Thus, I have to take the school bus and that school bus station is near his house. His house was by our elementary school. Okay I’m not a stalker. It was his fault for coming out when I was walking home so I saw where he lived. He looks shock when he saw me walking across the street with my sister and her friend. He was going somewhere but he just stopped and stared at me. I look at him too and turn around quickly. That was our last encounter. I never saw him again till this day.


My family moved to a different city after summer school. I thought that my my memory of him is going to be faded so I wrote them down as much as I can. I tried to remember every little detail about him. I told myself to not forget him. I told myself that I will find him one day. However, it has been ten years and I never find him. I tried to search for him on social media but no luck.  I didn’t know his last so it was hard to find him.


As the time moving forward, I stop thinking about searching for him and focus on my education. I was in college by this time. It was my third year. While in college, I bumped into this one guy who I have several encounters with. I thought I like him so I decided to wrote him a note. In the note it says: “Can I be your friend?”  He said “Of course, silly.” I thought that was very cute. I was touch but I never talk to him after that. Don’t get me wrong. He’s a very quiet and nice person but I found out that he only like smart girl from my classmates so I end up not talking to him. After meeting this guy in college, he reminds me to search for my childhood crush again. That day I tried some searches on Facebook and I found him. I was so happy and super excited. I added him and sent him a message at the same time. He accepted me after one hour later. I asked him if he remembers me but he said no. I feel so sad and hopeless. I tried to make him remember me by talking about our encounters in grade school but he keeps apologized that he doesn’t know me. I told him it’s okay because it been so many years. We chatted for ten minutes online talking about school. After that he never message me, so I decided to message him back. I feel so depressed and frustrated why he doesn’t remember me. I messaged him why doesn’t he remembers me and what can I do to make him remember me. I think I came out a little dumb and too forward. He saw my message but never reply. I sent another message stating that I was sorry about earlier. He replied back that it’s okay and not to worry.


I didn’t bother messaging him again. But then, I can’t help myself. I must meet him to sure of my own feelings. Since I have family lived in the same city where he lived, I decided to visit him during Spring break. I messaged him if he would be in town on that weekend because I would like to meet him. About five minutes later, he replied that he’s “busy all weekend.” At that moment I know what he means. He doesn’t want to be mean to me so that was the only polite way to reject me. I don’t know if he has a girlfriend or not but on his Facebook page he only posts himself. Anyway, so I got rejected but I still went to visit my family. On my last day, I messaged him again. It was early and cloudy in the morning on Wednesday. I asked him to meet me at our elementary school at 10:30am and that I have something to give him. I never received a reply. I already know his answer that he never going to come. I went to the school. It was so quite because all the students are still in class. I got out of my car and waited for him. I found a spot by the parking lot. I waited for him under the tree by the lot. I wait and wait but he never come. Then it started to rain. It rains very hard and my hairs were soaking wet. I was shivering because I was wearing a skirt on that day. It was 11 a.m. already but I told myself to wait just five more minutes. Suddenly I felt something on my eyes. It was not the rain but my tears. Did I cry? Did I really cry because of him? Oh my god I’m so stupid. I end up waiting till 11:20 a.m. I went to my car and took out a pen and paper. I wrote him a note and put under the tree I was waiting for him, along with a jar of my memories of him. (I made the jar for him and it took me five hours to do it. Later, I found out that jar of memory is for couple only. I was so embarrassing. I hope that gift end up in the trash somewhere. Hey, don’t judge me. I never have a relationship so I don’t even know.)


So I went home crying in my car. It usually a four hours drive home but it only took me two hours. It was not busy and I was speeding. I play the music very loud and blamed myself for being so stupid. After a week, I messaged him back that I’m sorry for freaking him out and will not bother him again. He never reply me. Since my sister and I shared one Facebook account, I decided to not log into that account again and give it to my sister. I made a new one. I didn’t add him on my new account. (Okay I did added him but he was a jerk. He never add me back, but I don’t blame him because if I was him I would be scared too). I don’t know when he will ever remember me again.


I hope you enjoy reading my story.


Below is a small section I wrote on my dairy I would like to share.


I found myself in a situation where I shouldn’t be. This year my feelings are so different. I never experience this feeling before. The feeling of wanting and the feeling of nothing. I know I do have these types of feeling before but this time is romantic feeling. Am I actually in love this year? I don’t know but half of myself is actually chasing after love. I was so impatient about someone that I must see him or I will never get the chance to see him again. However, I end up broken after asking him to meet me. I came out all wrong and stupid. This is the first time I do something stupid like this; asking someone to meet me is so stupid. I never thought he took my words that way. Does he really think I like him or something? I must admit that I do like him because he was my childhood crush but now I don’t really know if I like him or not. When I found him on social media, I thought that it would be a good idea to meet him but it never happened. It was just my imagination of meeting him for the last time of my life. I have been waiting for ten years that’s why I decided to take a chance and followed my heart. I should have follow my brain instead?.  Ever since that day I never contact him again. The day I waited for him on the rain. Why am I waiting for him when he already told me he’s not coming? I’m not stupid but why did I that?  He makes me feel like I’m a creep and have done something horrible wrong. I want him to delete me on Facebook but why didn’t he? He should delete me because if I was him I would be scared too. I don’t know what to say to him to not misunderstand me. I want him to know that my intention is good not bad. I want him to remember me even though he didn’t want to. When I talk to him online it seems like he doesn’t wish to talk to me. I know because I came out like a stalker to him. If I was in his position I would not talk to someone like that too. He makes me create a new Facebook account. I’m so stupid for adding him in the first place. I shouldn’t talk to him or asking him questions about me. I should know better that it has been so long, he will never remember me. We’re all adults now and there nothing I can blame him. I chose to remember him because I want to. He chose to not remember me because he wants to.


Ever since that day, I threw away all my notes that contained my memory of him when we were in grade school. In my dairy, I wrote that I wish to meet him again. I want to hold into faith and hope that one day I will get to see him. In the end, I did meet him but only on social media. I also wrote that I will hold into him and never let him go but I can’t. He took my intention all wrong, so wrong. I don’t know how to explain it but I wish that one day he will come to understand my true intention. I wish that one day he will ask me to meet him so I can explain myself to him. He probably thinks I wanted something from him but am I? I never thought about it.




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